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  1. spiller's JZA70 R

    You know how i feel about this Supra!
  2. Pics of my new car

    oh yeah andy showed me pics of this a little while ago , very nice car shibb
  3. what killed my battery

    on the weekend i was fixing my car stereo and left the keys to "on" so the alarm wouldnt turn on , drained my battery which holds charge well in about an hour ...
  4. Nissan Skyline Issue.

    might want to try www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums , lotsa info there good luck

    hey bkn before you get too keen on the flamethrower kit , someone better show you what can happen f**k that
  6. yeah i always check out off topic after other pages , can be helpful , and its not the 'source' of the n00bs/f**kheads that are appearing quite regularly on here ... i say keep it , like the majority do
  7. 22-RE to 1G-GTE engine swap

    actually , try forums.toymods.org.au ... tech section under there , just search and theres bound to be heaps of threads on it i bet
  8. nah f**k no , ive got no speed issues with the site , just about every other forum has pics in the sig , why should we be any different ... let the damn 56kers just switch it off in the options
  9. Hi guys i own the 200sx known as 'SEXDR'

    welcome to the forums mate , cars way too over the top for my liking , but i like the engine specs
  10. Opinion on Abortion

    im all for it , very good option for somebody who cant raise a kid but accidently produced one
  11. I-Pods!

    i know for ra fact you can get ipod holders for car , pants etc from the apple shop , have a look there
  12. Spank the Monkey game

    ^ lol wtf couldnt get 848 i could do the trick though ?? is there more to it
  13. 100,000Km service, whats needed?

    well i'd be changing the oil and timing belt pronto , and hoping you havent f**ked the engine cos 13,000k's is a long time for a oil change good luck
  14. 100,000Km service, whats needed?

    Well if you're timing belt hasnt been changed for the 100,000kms your up for that , which is gonna cost a bit more than a service
  15. of course everyone feels a bit guilty when youve thrashed your car a bit ... im sure your s15 will be able to take a shitload before it starts to hurt it , just be sure to service it regularly , dont take it past the red zone , and keep modding it ... that way you dont need to thrash it as much to get the same kind of speed