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    Building my s13 and trying to get into the D1 circuit
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    good luck mate but i think all the parts r gone already
  2. R33 diff into s15

    bears diff and gears j-mac
  3. yes mate i have done it and it looks awsome...
  4. lol wrinkle paint u do urself mate... first of all paint ur undercoat say blue, wait for it to dry. they paint ur top layer say yellow, while wet dab with crinkled glad wrap.
  5. New chick with a s13

    hey hey welcome to the forums, yes u need a 180sx shell to do that but u can put 180sx front on urs... good to see a chick on hear willing to learn and give it a go
  6. lack of fuel, like a surge
  7. S13 Tire size help

    all u need to dit them under standard guards is 225/40/18 i have 18x10 +15 on std guards and and coilovers no scrubage anywhere its awsome...
  8. they look std mate u been ripped i think...
  9. THE O1G WHEEL IS HERE - $990/set 18x9 +20

    mate would be good with a wider size and more concave
  10. i had an unlimited excemption aswell u just need a letter form ur employer saying u need to drive customers cars n shit to easy
  11. 5 x 114.3 > 5 x 130 conversion

    mate BSA wheels nsw will make them its fairly simple...
  12. dump land fill that is the best idea lmao 10 tone yes yes yes yes....
  13. NSW needs something more substantial

    the fact is that there is money set aside for someone to build a race track but no one wants to put there hand up and build it...
  14. custom knuckles

    thanks bling could u please send me there user names,