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  1. blingys SR20 R33 4 Door. quick build before matsuri

    Subscribed. I can't wait to see this finished. Engine choice seems to fit in with my signature pretty well
  2. ^^ you probably want a pressure source for the waste gate actuator tho . Also a carbon canister is worth keeping if you can.
  3. Worth upgrading fuel pump?

    With a non turbo you would be fine with a replacement oem pump but I would upgrade to like a walbro 255. If you're are going to pull it all apart and buy a new pump why not pay a little more and get a better one.
  4. You're a better man than me. I would have burned it down and sat in the corner rocking back and forth after the second time pulling the box out.
  5. Yeah that's right. Good luck getting it back out man. Sounds like its in there pretty tight.
  6. you need to put the center back together with the stub axles in to align the splines. looks like its coming back out, sorry man... i did the same thing when i first did it.
  7. 180sx Wheel offset?

    ^^ Not on the front.
  8. I've always been a little skeptical with how well the input shaft would sit with the conversion plate spacing it back. Getting an idea of where the vibration is coming from should help work out what it could be. nah we thought it was the tail shaft that was out so he got it re balanced and it helped a bit but didn't fix it. he gave up sold it and bought a GTR instead haha. good luck man.
  9. Have you checked the center baring? Engine mounts? Replaced the spigot bush? How far does the input shaft sit in the spigot bush with the adapter plate? If you're sure that the balance on the tail shaft is right then I'm not sure what else it could be. A mate of mine converted his old r32 to rb25 gearbox and his did the same thing.
  10. SpotMan's Clown Car & Jzx90 daily

    ^^I think we all did, but, I would have felt bad giving you shit on here two nights in a row
  11. SpotMan's Clown Car & Jzx90 daily

    Think you got that mixed up man. Your rig has a GTR rear and stock front. Same as mine. f**k man, unlucky bout smashing up the donk. lucky it didn't fall on u. Maybe your mum will get rid of her shit now that its all smashed up at least.
  12. by alcohol do you mean those pink cruisers you're all about? God damn lolly water f**k you guys are moody tonight. Don't worry, Kyle told me all about it haha. This has gotten so off topic.
  13. by alcohol do you mean those pink cruisers you're all about?
  14. Guard Rollers

    Damn that's cheap! I just bought as well, cant pass up a deal like that. I'll let you know if it's any good when it gets here if you want.