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  1. Hi, Just wondering if anyone can recommend a place to get an s13 head rebuilt? Im looking for a package option similar to the below, however ideally based in Sydney. http://www.lewisengines.com.au/sr-step-1-head-package-suit-s13-14-15/
  2. WTB: s13 SR20 Crankshaft - NSW/Syd

    ive actually given up on second hand - i think new it the way to go. So far Nissan has quoted me around the 1180 mark.
  3. Looking to buy a s13 SR20 Crankshaft. Im located in Sydney, so preferably in or around Sydney area as they would cost too much to ship.
  4. wtb blowen sr20det

    hmm im also after a s13 sr20det. Looking to have it rebuilt so one with a bit of knocking etc should be fine. Im from sydney
  5. s13 sr20de engine

    Hi, Looking to buy an s13 sr20de engine, preferably with the a manual gearbox as well. Looking to rebuild it so condition doesn't have to be perfect. No need for loom or air boxes etc. Im located in Sydney so in or around Syd would be preferable.