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  1. Gym Hook ups

    Nah nothing yet.
  2. Gym Hook ups

    Dose any one have any hook ups with fitness first knox or Genisus wantirna want cheep cheep Monthly rate and no sign up or direct debit start up fee. Or any gyms near knox upway area.
  3. Diet Plan For loosing weight

    Thanks for your help guys every ones oppinion is appreciated. I will keep everything in mind.
  4. Diet Plan For loosing weight

    No she is far from massive but thats the goal she has set for her self. So far Mon- Friday Gym 30mins Cardio 45-1hour weights changing it up every day to work different parts of the body. Cut out all alcohole and fast foods or fatty foods, eating 6 small meals a day inc breakfast Diet consists of mostly: Fresh greens, Carrots, Corn, salad, oranges , banana some times toast or high fiber cerial in the morning and usially a meal the consists of meat such as chicken or beef at night small searving though. Approx DI of calories of around 1500 for a gym day and around 1200 on non gym day. Also taking Glycine Propionyl L Carnitine Thoughts?......
  5. Diet Plan For loosing weight

    BTW this is for a girl planing on loosing about 10kg-15kg over 2months
  6. Rough eating plan for a girl who wants too drop weight. I have read the frankston PT's write up and all dieting is in conjunction with cardio and some weights. Being more specific with food what is good to eat when too drop the KG's and when is it ok to have a chocolate? Thanks
  7. The Diff that I have in the car currentley uses ABS but I am unsure if it is S14 or S15. Will the calibrator box work with the standard s14 cluster? Any one else have any ideas? Thanks all =]
  8. Whats the problem: 6 Speed S15 Gearbox into a S14 and Can't get the Speedo to work. Summery: I know that S14's run the speedo from the gear box and S15's run it from the diff, and when you put the S15 box into a s14 there is no where to get a speed reading from and this is my dilemma. I have it all fitted up and running with the exception of the speedo and I have looked every where for a solution so any one who might know how I can get a speed reading using the standard cluster it would be very much appreciated. Any help would be good thanks =]
  9. buddy club exhaust

    I've got a type 2 if anyones interested. For s13 but fits s14
  10. What Color?

    Works 9 Spoiler?
  11. Singal. Its a 1995 the wheel is off a 1997
  12. So I have a series 1 s14 and I have just fitted the series 2 stock steering wheel. My car originally came out with airbagsbut when I have gone to fit the series 2 wheel but the first part I need to fit the small black plastic wheel that controlls the airbag dose not match up to my plugs. Are the series 1 and 2 different as far as the steering wheels are concerend and is there a way around it?
  13. Horn Issues

    LOL ^^^ I like your style but the car needs a RWC so I dont think I could get away with it. How would I know if the relay is gone?
  14. Horn Issues

    I have an airbad Stock S14 wheel how do I check ?
  15. So I know its not so complex to wire in a horn but here is what has happened. My car didnt have a horn so I brought one from Autobarn. I have seen the 2 front wires hanging off the front of the car and wired them to the 2 little prongs on the horn. It wont work! I have checked the fuses they are all good I dont understand why it wont work. Any one have any Idea?