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  1. ACT workshops, tuners, paint n panel, rego, etc

    Anywhere know a workshop good with modified cars for a rwc?
  2. Car is a 92 Silvia running forged blacktop with 3071r turbo. Last weekend was driving along when I got a big cloud of smoke from the exhaust out of nowhere. Stopped and the smoke cleared, drove on and there was no smoke, about 20minutes later became smokey again for a minute then was fine. Was on way to Wakefield for a drift day when this happened. Went anyway and drifted for the morning with smoke coming from the car on and off all day. Drove it home then very easy as split a pipe and there was no smoke at all for the hour journey. So what could this be, turbo seal or something else? I pulled off the intake pipe to turbo and there is a small puddle of oil inside the pipe just befor the turbo wheel. There is a slight bit of play in the turbo wheel itself but spins freely. Changed the oil also and seemed to be some shimmers in the oil like metal particuls. I'm not very experienced with turbos at all. Want to try get the car sorted for next weekend or am I in trouble?? Thanks
  3. No not milky, no overheating or anything. Car running 100% normal bar the smoke on and off
  4. Scratch that, mate reckons smoke was white
  5. Nah don't think so, it was more just driving along them big cloud of smile for a few seconds, them clears. Mate was watching at track said some laps there would be smoke constantly from the car then next lap there would be no smoke at all. Also any time I spin out I would get big cloud of smoke from car also
  6. Looking to get some work done,any one do cash work that is good with modified cars or recommend anyone?cheers
  7. Any auto electricians or mechanics on here

    Trying to get my car sorted for next weekend, anyone that could look at my car and diagnose a smoke issue I'm having, not sure if it's turbo seal or something else.. Will pay for your time, just trying to avoid getting raped by a workshop
  8. Local PARTS for sale

    Looking for a half cage for s13 anyone?
  9. Any auto electricians or mechanics on here

    Looking to get an oil leak and coolant leak sorted, rack boot changed and a few others things done on a s13 sr20det..p Close to gungahlin would be a bonus, anyone?

    Anyone have a 2 way with 4.3 to fit s13?
  11. Local PARTS for sale

    Any one have a 2way with 4.3 for sale?
  12. Local CARS for sale

    98 Nissan pulsar SSS Sr20 motor Factory manual Immaculate car,very hard to find one of these in this condition.loads of service history,minded like a baby. 162k k's just got 160k service also brand new tyres. Factory mags,4x elec windows,elec mirrors,power steer,icey cold aircon,tinted windows.interior immaculate,factory paint that's mint.hasnt been messed with except for CD player fitted. 9months ACT rego... Looking $4650 0458102721
  13. Local PARTS for sale

    Brand new Kaaz 2way-800!!! Retail for 1100..... Comes with oil,gasket,bearings,instructions,brand new
  14. Local PARTS for sale

  15. Local PARTS for sale

    I have a brand new KAAZ 2 way LSD to suit s13 silvia/180 Looking 850.. Brand new in box 0458102721
  16. Local CARS for sale

    for sale again,2350..........0458102721
  17. hey guys, so i got caught doing something i shouldnt have been..my car was towed away by the cops.i havent heard from the cops since. anyone know what i should be expecting?the cop was saying my car will be impounded for 90days.she wasnt sure what else would happen and that she would get back to me.anyone caught before or know how bad ill get raped? cheers
  18. anyone know ACT 'hoon' laws?

    Do ya reckon I can get a work permit to drive to work? I'm pretty f**ked if can't drive for work
  19. anyone know ACT 'hoon' laws?

    Just to update this for anyone who ends up in the same boat.. I've lost my license for 3months, $400 fine(can be up to 2200) and car taken for 90days costing $3 per day plus the price of tow truck... My ass hurts
  20. anyone know ACT 'hoon' laws?

    well the cops got back to me..so i lose car for 90 days,have to pay $3 a day storage,and i will be going to court..not sure what im getting charged with or what the end result will be so will have to wait and see...so keep it on the track boys,or dont get caught...lol
  21. anyone know ACT 'hoon' laws?

    yeah i just rang the officer and she is supposed to drop by tomorrow.i asked her what was going to happen and she just said she would go through it with me tomorrow! i was looking around the net and couldnt see much for ACT,just the other states.im thinking car will be seized for 90days and i will have to pay storage fee(seen $5 a day somewhere) just hoping to not have to go to court and cop a big fine aswel or lose license
  22. Canberra projects

    Im on a 12 hour train trip so heres my other no nissan 4age panno!was trying to buy a nice type x recently so might have somethin you guys would like more to post up soon
  23. Local CARS for sale

    00 honda civic sedan as above,have my daily civic to sell.its a great car,super reliable.there was only 1 previous owner and has nearly full log book service history.its auto.motor is mint,no oil leaks or anything.tyres are all good and needs nothing.front guard,wing,and bonnet are different colour due to 4wd reversing into it.hasnt bothered me.. selling cheap at 2850,looking for quick sale..8months vic rego included. 0458102721
  24. Local CARS for sale

    selling my trueno 86 if anyone interested,open to swaps http://www.carsales....15&sort=default