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  1. hey how have you got your thermo's set up? in frotn or behind the radiator? i heard that it is better to have them behind but i wouldn't have thought you could fit them. cheers matt
  2. the exhaust and the FMIC with make the boost go up because they are more free flowing.

    please don't, you car looks awsome as it is.
  4. Engine Rebuild Time

    http://addracing.com.au/ there in brisbane
  5. Looking after my car

    hahahaha lol I left school in year 10 and I dont type that badly what a loser
  6. RB20DET to CA18DET in S14

    put a twin turbo ls1 init
  7. CA/SR 180sx bumper swap.

    I would like to get an aftermarket front bar but it will look sh*t on its own, i will have to buy skirts and also will make my 16"s look even smaller. This bumper will only cost me 170 bucks
  8. I wann put an sr 180 front bar on my ca 180 Can it be done? if so how easily? cheers everyone
  9. Pager Alarm

    what brand do you have anymore info and specs if you can get more i would be very very very intersted cheers bro