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  1. old school s13s?

    as she sits now, currently doing a 1j swap after i blew the sr
  2. cheers for the advise....i wouldnt have even thought about that, i looked around besides the front and found it was a f**ked tranny mount
  3. i found out what the problem was, a f**ked tranny mount haha.....i spent ages looking at my suspension but it all looked spot on and i just had it all replaced and aligned
  4. thats honestly what it feels like haha, gotta love isle of man
  5. hey guys, i have a 180 about a month ago the car used to wobble everyonce in a while when id hit a bump in the road...the past couple of days its gone worse and the shaking is pretty violent, ive stopped driving the car. does anyone know what the problem could be? and i had my car aligned recently too i suspect the steering rack because it has a lot of freeplay in it but im not sure any help or opinions would help cheers guyths
  6. Price : $200 Condition : Used hey guys, i have a t28bb as a spare which i will never end up using it was only ever run at 10psi so it hasnt had a hard life no shaft play what so ever my number is 04351107901 feel free to call me anytime, after 11pm just text me and i'll get back to you when i wake up cheers
  7. T28bb $250! T25g $45! - $250

    Price : $250 Condition : Used sorry typo on the ad, im selling for 250 not 25 haha Hey guys i bought a t28bb off a mate which i no longer need it has no shaft play im not sure of the kms, it was only ever run at 12psi so it hasnt had a hard life i also have a t25G no shaft play, run at 10 psi cheers 0451107901
  8. old school s13s?

    Anymore pictures of your 180? What's the size of the Longchamps btw? 15x10 -40? correct, thats the size. yeah i got a few pics, do you want some?
  9. old school s13s?

    DAMN ive been dying to find a set in those sizes
  10. nascar brakes on s chassis?

    wheels shouldnt be a problem, he's got basset wheels that just clear em, no spacers
  11. nascar brakes on s chassis?

    shit i guess so ay....just had a proper look n yeah ther all pretty much 500her dad got brembos cant remember how many pistons but ther massive, rears and fronts with slotted and drilled discs for 1k, not from ebay tho. im just going on that. but yeah, the real question is if theyd work well on s chassis, just curious
  12. nascar brakes on s chassis?

    ah fair enough, cheers, damn thats a downer, i would have expected them to be tough as but then again....they never really do any real hard stopping ha. i'll just stick to z32 brakes.and yeah with the tyres, thats the exact same advice my gfs dad told me haha cheers
  13. old school s13s?

    my 180 (repping mandi's old wheels) and my bros type x
  14. old school s13s?

    are those mark 1's on the rear? and what size is it? car looks sick
  15. hey guyths. my gfs dads a v8 man and his car is running all ex nascar gear, i know he got the brembos for a mad deal and on ebay all ex nascar gear is pretty cheap including the brakes. considering the speeds nascars go, i assume the brakes have to be half descent just got a random idea bout fitting em onto s chassis cars i dnt know much about brake coversions, all i know is you need to mount the calipers, match the oil lines and have the right sized rotors. i was wondering if anyone has ever used any nascar brakes in an s chassis car, has experience with em or know if you could fit em onto s chassis cars and if it would all work out.... i know nascars all run 15'' wheels too which is a bonus for me as i prefer 15 wheels and yes im guessing offset of wheels would also be an issue. cheers guys