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    cooking, and all kind of motorsport specially drift and drag racing
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  1. hey mate by any chance you got universal seat rail that will fit R34 GTT i got OBX reclinable seats cheers
  2. Hardtuned NT/Darwin Meet & Cruise

    nice big route bob
  3. what is the date you plan to go up here im keen?
  4. FS: 94 180sx

    that's a quick sale
  5. Just wondering why nissan forsale section is not working?
  6. Show us your RIDE!

    yup owned the yellow 180sx yeah remember you..... your car really nice i saw it last monday on the cruise.....
  7. Aus spec VS jap spec s15

    JDM FTW...................
  8. Yellow Cab Drift Team

    nice pinoy drift...... proud to be pinoy................FTW
  9. Onevia or Sileighty?

    strawberry face FTW.......
  10. Agree I'll second that. Looked great without them. been defected thats why i put flares on it.. hanging out almost 2" on front guards