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  1. Haltech Platinum 1000 ECU for sale Works 100% fine, came off working car. Will throw in an S15 SR20det custom loom for free $1500 Any questions call Mat 0435 535 356 Located in Mill Park VIC
  2. ah k fair enough thanks buddy
  3. Hi guys, Im in the process of doing a rb25 neo with r32 gtr gearbox swap into my 180sx however now sure which engine mounts / crossmember ect i should run. Has anyone used these mounts before and know if they will fit? or if i will need to run a different xmember? http://www.zerolift.com/RB-Engine-Mount-Kit-p/zl-rb-mount.htm Thanks, Mat
  4. ive never seen such a complicated build in all of my life.. i have an SR20 with 12:1 comp ratio on 13psi boost with a TD06 and all i did was put it on e85 lol. 1200cc injectors, bigger fuel pump and a haltech ECU, made 300rwkw and 500nm torque and was easy as.
  5. Hello, Anyone know where and what place in melbourne can install an OEM nissan s15 sunroof into my s15 that dosnt have a sunroof? I know i can buy a sunroof from the wreckers or ebay, but cant find anyone to install it. Every place ive called up only do their aftermarket brands and wont touch OEM. Thanks, Mat
  6. got any more pics of the damage?
  7. Import brokers

    Might have to give iron chef a call tomorrow see what they can do, ultimately I think its just best for me to personally go over there and buy the exact car I want. How about import monster? They any good?
  8. Hey all, Is it possible to transfer NSW rego to vic without a roadworthy? thanks, Mat
  9. Hi all, Yes i know i could have used the search box and read what people have spoken about 4 years ago but we are now in 2014 and well some places do change i guess. Heard people say Edward lee's was dodgy but i gave them a call today and they sounded alright, they we telling me about how they get their cars from certain locations so theres no rust ect, but aside from edward lee's and since im from melbourne are there any good importers that will find you a good s15 with low kms in mint condition in vic? Thanks, Mat
  10. http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?app=nexus&module=payments&cat=1
  11. greddy e manage ?

    there rubbish, get a nistune haltech or power fc. e-manages always f**k up.
  12. i did de+t with a simlar setup. made 282rwkw on 13psi with a td06. high comp engines make heaps of power especially if on e85
  13. 180sx type x lip

    yeah thats the stuff might have to get myself some lol looks tough as!