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  1. Tyre Stretching in Newy

    im trying to find some blokes in newy that does it as well... been trying to find someone to help me stretch 245/40/18s on a 10j 18" no one seems to want to do it... need help here mate...
  2. ahahah thats like my main concern thats y... ahaha
  3. Hey bud i've just bought the 17x9+15's. Here are some pics of them on an s13 (not my car). Specs 17x9+15 with 235/45/17. hey buddy... are u on stock struts as well?... cos im on stock struts... im juz taht scared that it will hit my struts... thats my oni concern.. other than that i dun mind the wheels coming out abit...
  4. the karbonphyber 180sx build thread

    epic bodywork man... saw the real car itself the other day... epic front guards.... love the DIY he did man...
  5. thanks bros here for the help... will be calling them on monday and see if they have 17x9 +15s for sale... gonna have it ordered it... THANKS@
  6. bro... for the front its 17x8 +15... thats y i cant find haha... the one u show me is 17x9+15
  7. im trying to get a set of ZENKAIS 4studs for my s13... but ive oni got very minimum selections... n one more thing... im on STOCK STRUTS front 17x8 offset +15 rear 17x9 offset +15;+35 and what kind of tyre profiles should i get... bro karbon suggested that i get +15 offset for both... if any bros here who are on both +15 offset... pls post a few pictures so i get some idea how it looks like... if not... any bros can give me some advice... ill be very contented with it...
  8. rifleman: i tried rim tuck... but no one is using the offset that i mentioned... haha DLOOK: so u r trying to say that it will not hit or scratch my STRUTS right... i dun mind it jutting out abit... my car is actually oni on stock struts so not very low... and if i decided to get my car lowered... i will probably flare my guards den... thanks thanks!
  9. I called option1garage today to order a new set of ZENKAIS for me s13... but they told me they ran out of offset +25... so what they have left is actually: front 17x8 +15 rear 17x9 +15;+35 anyone knows if im on STOCK STRUTS... will +15 offset all round fit my car?... i intend to get the tyres stretched out as well... anyone driving s13 with stock struts on this setup before?... pls advice thanks guys!
  10. s13 idling too high

    pmed already
  11. s13 idling too high

    yeap its me haha... do u think u can give me pointers about how its done when i get my rego done?... trying to get it blue slipped...
  12. tyres and wheels shop to recommend

    thanks karbon for the offer though... im not really sure if looks nice on my car though... might meet u up and have a look at it... my car is black in colour btw... thanks datsun... will have a look at the webby and see wat they've got to offer!
  13. tyres and wheels shop to recommend

    sorry bro... im actually looking for something has got abit of dished look in it... with 4 studs... not sure those will look nice on my s13s though...
  14. s13 idling too high

    yeap leonard... leonard its me... vincent(gold WRX) and adam's (flamezgraphix) friend... do u have any idea how its done?...
  15. s13 idling too high

    anyone here knows whether there is a way of adjusting idle through stock computer or through AAC of s13 CA18DET?... my idle happens to be on the 1200 - 1400 range after awhile of drive... can anyone here help me with this issue?... or do i have to change ecu to get this idle issue solved?... from Skyline australia website... i found something which talks about adjusting AAC and resetting computer to reset idle... but they were toking about RB25DET i think... but my current engine is actually CA18DET and its been overhauled and thus having idle issues... below is the link of the post that i found... http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/Diy-Aac-Valve-Cleaning-and-t110431.html