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  1. mine fits in, there is about 50mm space between pipes and foggies, the only bitch is when you need to change your lights
  2. there is definetly no glue, mine came straight off
  3. S15 CARBON stereo surround

    Another for s14
  4. S14a double din to single din

    You could always do what i have done with filling the space with a mirror
  5. oil catch can help

    lol the EPA would love you for saying that

    yep thats where it is
  7. i have let mine run down till the petrol light comes on...i dont usually do it on purpose so i suppose its working the same as the stock one
  8. Servicing your SR

    same here, works well for me
  9. 30 seconds...it takes me about 10!
  10. Federal Tyres

    ive got some on my stock s14 rims and they have been good
  11. speaker size in a s14 door

    yeah they are 6 inch I didnt think s14 doors were a straight swap
  12. Looking for Splits

    i bought all my pioneer speakers from Strathfield car radios at parramatta very cheap, dont expect good service from them though. But if you know what you want they are the place to go to
  13. New movie clips @ 15 psi and @ 25 psi

    yeah i was wondering the same thing? Nice clips though
  14. smell lasted on mine for about 2 weeks, i reakon it smelt great!....but i might just be weird