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  1. my first car 252rwkw

    yea cheers i hear it alot and im sure your not the last to say it lol
  2. my first car 252rwkw

    you gonna start placing bets on how long till it ends up on front page of the news with hoon thrown in there like i said before mate the boost is turned down alot and it isnt running anywhere near 252kw like when i first bought the car and i understand i am not a great driver becuase i dont have alot of experiance yet. i know i have alot to learn and i understand where you are coming from with so many p platers killing themselves and others in there powerful cars but i do know racing and a going fast is meant for the track not for the streets. but cheers for the concern haha
  3. my first car 252rwkw

    hey thanks everyone with the comments. i am now on my p2s so i dont have to show a p plate and i drive responsibly (most of the time ha) so i think thats the reason ive been getting away with out getting defected so far. i have some spacers for the rims to fill out the gaurds which i am yet to put on and in the long run when i pull some money together i want to buy some wider rims. i am definatly going to upgrage my injectors to at least 740 and considering running the car on E85 thanks...jonny
  4. my first car 252rwkw

    hey everyone i am new to nissan silvia so i thought i would start with posting up my beast. the car is a 200sx s24 s2 with 252 rwkw. unfortunately the car has been bought and not built by me but there has been some seriouse cash put into the car before i did buy it. list of specifications: Body Custom Candy and Pearl paint... Origin Body Kit... Origin Duck Tail... Origin Carbon Fibre Bonnet... Flared guards... < Handling 18" x 9.5 Wheels Deep Dish (90% tread)... Tein Super Street Coilovers... Engine Full 3-3.5 Exhaust System Turbo back... Hybrid Intercooler... Alloy Radiator... Trust Air Filter... Bosch Air Flow Meter... X-Force Turbo Manifold... Apexi Power FC... Blitz Digital Boost Controller... Garrett 30-71R Turbo... Nismo 550 Injectors... Bosch Fuel Pump... BOV... Extreme Heavy Duty Clutch... Plus many, many, many more that I can't think of! ohh and the car runs on 98 like all turbos cars should but also has a + 7 octane booster which it is tuned to added in the fuel and the number plate on these pictures are no longer on the car and havnt been since i bought the car i need to take more pictures when the car is in the sun cause the colour on these pictures dont look nearly as good as what it does most of the time. adelaide autosalon 2010