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  1. Some Brief Noob Questions - S15

    i ran my adm s15 for 2 years with not a problem at all on 16psi all day everyday with turbo back exhaust, fmic, apexi avc-r and upgraded gss342 walbro, not a problem at all car loved it
  2. hey guys so just after some clarification before i start the swap.... basically as far as i am aware i need, either a R33 GTS-T manual 4:11 diff....does it matter if its abs or not? my understanding is that i take the 4:11 gears and either a kaaz or nismo 1.5 way (havent purchased yet) to the diff man and he assembles it in the s15 diff housing with the speed sensor etc? what shafts get used s15 ones? fits all good and well? also which diff do i buy just a nismo 1.5 way or kaaz 1.5 way? any info would be great
  3. The bigger L type is the one my mate had issues with. Could've just been that his was faulty, but I the e85 affecting the rubber doesn't seem too unlikely im using e85 compatible speedflow braid and fittings throughout the car so no issues
  4. tomei type L is perfect ive been using it with my car on e85 for over a year, works a charm, has a larger diaphram
  5. Big Bird RB25 Neo S15

    Small and simple question: What rims are those actually? I've seen them sometimes on s15s, but no idea what brand and model that is? concave concept
  6. sr20det to sr20vet

    lol i dont think you know what you are in for buddy
  7. Makes sense. I'm guessing there's no kaboom or anything so u wouldn't know if it was a rocker or something else unless u pull stuff apart. trust me you know pretty distinctly when you pop a rocker lol
  8. on the money, i only had slight cam damage and it wasnt on the lobe...
  9. Bodykitquestion S15

    yeah thats it im with you now lol might look into jsai look like they do some good stuff
  10. Bodykitquestion S15

    lol they are still factory parts, yes he has aftermarket fiberglass aero kit and pods...i know that i was just telling the bloke that its a factory option kit
  11. Bodykitquestion S15

    dude that is a universal lip attatched.....the REAR PODS are a factory item and YES jsai make them they are a fiberglass replica.....everything else rear bar, side skirts and rear pods and factory lol
  12. Bodykitquestion S15

    thats a stock jdm rear bumper and aero rear pods....factory parts lol and hes used a cheap universal lip around the side skirts and rear pods
  13. sr20 /18/16

    that is the strangest thing i have ever heard in relation to an sr20
  14. just get a 6boost manifold youll never go back
  15. SR20 head stud question

    you wont have an issue at that boost at all
  16. Cold start on a haltech

    +1 for this....mine starts perfect on E85, its all in the tune/tuner
  17. Fuel pump issues

    im running a walbro 460 (e85) intank feeding a 3L surge which has twin 044's feeding the injectors....no problem at all, i would rather have more fuel than not enough

  19. GTX3067

    correct makes 300kw at 4000rpm
  20. GTX3067

    im running a GTX 3076 .83 rear split pulse twin scroll on e85 with drop in cams (s15) making 300kw at 4000 rpm on united e85...very angry on the street
  21. Right so story goes, I was driving the car normally for about 20 mins, parked for 2 hours came back and ABS light was on and had no speedo... now have been doing some digging thru the forums and talking to a few people... Some background information: ADM S15 2000 model spec r high mount turbo if that makes any difference even tho its a fair distance away from ABS unit I have check all fuses twice (engine bay and kick panel inside car) Checked diff all sensors connected and undamaged what other info can you guys give me? anything i have missed or can do? any info would be appreciated regards George
  22. yep use it all the time, very accurate (same reading as what i get on my racepak dash thru the flex fuel sensor) Do you mind telling me where you got it from? All I can find is ones for sale from the USA. thru my tuner man...i think its from the usa also
  23. yep use it all the time, very accurate (same reading as what i get on my racepak dash thru the flex fuel sensor)
  24. SR20VET turbo kit

    yeah but will need to chop and re weld to a DET head flange VE head is different port design
  25. SR20VET turbo kit

    this turbo setup is to suit a VE head, so if you have a built VE sr it would be a perfect match