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  1. Neighbor's and your car

    Have you not considered that this old guy might actually just really like your car and may have actually been wanking?
  2. Fixed. And I'll pace myself Truck. But I know myself and I know the less distractions the better ^ and that means we have to stop seeing each other dan. sorry.
  3. My brother just came back from a 10day cruise through vanuatu etc. (looked f**king awesome and now i want to go on one) Got 2litres of jager for $30 something duty free. 2 days til I start mine Evo pick yourself back up! Also, do you find keeping a log keeps you motivated? In other newsss, last night I'll post here for the next 8 months.
  4. you want motivation tips, after one workout wasnt asked but ill stick my 2 cents in i hate being beaten, so everything i do i take as a personal challenge. get myself focused, fired up in a mindset that i cannot be beaten by anything especially some crummy weights or if im riding a hill etc to keep wanting to do it when i have to is the same sorta stuff Haha I don't want or need motivational tips Was asking out of curiosity. I'm motivated by competitiveness, vanity and the satisfaction. Lame but that's how it is.
  5. Destroyed my first workout of the year. What keeps you motivated Evo? And Liam, had my last shift at the kitchen I'd been at for 3 years. Was destroyed with whipped cream head to toe and then covered in flower.
  6. n/a TALK <<

    From the price, and from what other people have said, bc's are better, and they do monotubes. It's not that isc aren't good. But why go worse when you can go better?
  7. Hey pete (wagola guy) I found a wine called wangolina, and took a photo of it purely to post here. But it didn't come out good. Cool story me.
  8. just saw the new thread. dick pulling in this place is nuts.
  9. You don't think pervy can get more awesome. And then. It happens. My nose is white, f**k you.
  10. Dad: "you should listen to us old blokes and our sayings. There's a saying that old blokes rule. Why's that?" Me: "cos you know stuff?" Dad: "that's right. We don't know too much but we know about what counts, women and cars" Me: "yes dad"
  11. n/a TALK <<

    Ahahahahahahaha. Did you get out of your car and take a dump on his face. f**k me. Ridiculous. Just makes me angry.
  12. n/a TALK <<

    Is there a specific average percentage of kw lost from the flywheel to the treads? Like just under 10%?
  13. n/a TALK <<

    300kw stock? And. I. Jizzed. In all of my pants. Even the ones I wasn't wearing.
  14. Hehehe. I can't post a troll face on my iPhone. But I'm surprised you hadn't picked up on the fact I was, well.. Thought you were the second smartest here AJ. Wait. Bait? Can we just laugh at shit and not f**k around anymore? I definitely feel like I destroyed the magic in this place the first night I posted.
  15. HOW did you find this shit and WHY have you shown us?