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  1. S15 Apexi Power FC hand controller - $330 S15 Suction kit with Z32 AFM and air box (includes new apexi filter) - $290 Brembo S15 front slotted disks - $90
  2. S15 Apexi Power FC with hand controller - $700 S15 Suction kit with Z32 AFM and air box (includes new apexi filter) - $350 Sparco fixed bucket seat with Bride rail (fitted s15) - $250 S15 boot lid, pewter, no wing - $150 Brembo S15 front slotted disks - $100 Nismo gear knob - $30 Hydraulic jack, low profile - $100
  3. Sparco fixed bucket seat with Bride rail (fitted s15) - SOLD Nismo gear knob - SOLD Hydraulic jack, low profile - SOLD
  4. FS: 2001 ADM S15 Type S, 71,000km

    Immaculately maintained, low km (71,000km), Australian delivered S15. Reluctant sale due to mortgage and lack of time for the car. Subtly modified with a focus on handling. Modifications include: Suspension & Brakes - Tein Superstreet coilovers with EDFC - Nismo front tension rod brace - Nismo front lower arm bushes - Cusco Tension rods - Nismo Cradle bushes and diff bushes - Nismo knuckle bushes - Nismo lower control arm bushes - SPL Titanium Rear Camber Arms - SPL Titanium Rear Traction Rods - SPL Titanium Rear Toe Rods - Roll centre adjuster ball joints (front & rear) - Nismo extended wheel studs (front & rear) - Strut brace (front & rear) - Nismo Type R break pads - Cusco brake master cylinder stopper Wheel & Tyres - Buddy Club P1’s (17x8 front, 17x9 rear) - Bridgestone Potenza Adrenalin RE003 (near new) Engine & Drive train - Fujitsubo RM01A 3inch exhaust - CES front/ dump pipe - Hybrid Front Mount Intercooler - Blitz spec r boost controller - Nismo copper mix clutch Other - Sparco bucket seat (driver) - Autometer Boost gauge Always garaged and regularly serviced (with log book) by Josh at ProConcept. Most original items included with the car if you want them (including drivers seat, shocks and springs etc). Vehicle registration paid until Jun 2017. This car is a lot of fun to drive, I'm really sad to see it go. Asking: $20,990 Carsales add here: http://www.carsales....D-4199465/?Cr=7
  5. FS: 2001 ADM S15 Type S, 71,000km

  6. FS: 2001 ADM S15 Type S, 71,000km

  7. Set of four, semi's in great condition, only used at 2 track days at wakefield. Well stored. Rims are ok with usual wear and tear for age. Hankook Z221 Semi-slicks (235/45r17) Enkei RP01 (17×8 +35) Asking $900. Good price considering the cost of the semi's alone. Located Sydney, northen beaches. Pick up only.
  8. FS: 4x Hankook Z221 Semi-slicks (235/45r17) on rims

    Pics attached.
  9. Price : $550 Condition : Used Enkie RP01's -17x8 +35 with Advan A050 semi-slicks - Rims are reasonably good condition, bit of rash and some minor marks but no bends or buckles - Tires have limited life, maybe on track day in them - Price: $650 ono PRICE DROP - $550
  10. Anybody know where I can find an apexi style 60mm gauge holder, without having to buy the gauge as well? One like this: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/APEXI-EL2-MECHANICAL-RPM-TACHOMETER-GAUGE-BLACK-60mm-/110697890734?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&hash=item19c61bc3ae Thanks.
  11. apexi style gauge holder

    Nice one, thanks. eBay option pretty steep. Started wtb thread here: http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=500555 Thanks.
  12. post numbers

    Hi, I have been a member since '04 and used to be reasonably involved. I then sold my car and didn't have one for a few years but have recently got an s15. When I re-logged into this site (thanks for getting my account password back) it seems my post count had mostly disappeared. I didn't have lots of posts by any means, maybe a few hundred but I'm back to ~60 odd. No biggie, just means I can't see certain areas of post in for sale etc. Any chance I could get my count back or just access these areas? Or do I need to work back up over 100 post? Thanks.
  13. post numbers

    So any ideas? Can I have my posts back? Thanks.
  14. Onevia or Sileighty?

    Onevia if done well. Can also look really bad though.
  15. apexi style gauge holder

    Nice one, thanks.
  16. apexi style gauge holder

    I was interested in somewhere to buy it new as I hadn't found any but good point, somebody's bound to have one kicking around. Will pot in the wtb section. Thanks. Edit: Fail on the wtb post. I can't even view that section?
  17. Glad this thread got revived, got me thinking about short shifter for my s15. Had one in my s14a and loved it but not sure given the weaker 6 six speed box.
  18. Pads for S15?

    Back on pads, I have Nismo type R, really solid.
  19. S15 Silvia Bootlid Badges

    Fewer badges looks cleaner. Such nice lines shouldn't be distracted from with badges.
  20. I have some Schneider stuff for sale (look here). My problem is that I can't find anywhere that is currently selling this stuff so I have no idea what it costs brand new at the moment. This makes it hard to price my used equipment. If anybody has a link to or contact details for somewhere that is selling Schneider stuff, that would be much appreciated. Thanks, Steve
  21. Opinions on prices for Schneider equipment

    I was sorta looking for opinions about price rather then what you thought of the equipment but since you brought it up, have you used any Schneider stuff before? If not, it's a pretty bold statement to say keep away from it. If anything, I think people haven't replyed cos it doesn't seem that schneider is that common in aus and most ppl don't talk about things they not familiar with. In terms of opinions of the equipment, my experience has be really good. I have had no trouble with the stuff and it has performed a lot better then most of the other equipment i have heard that was around the same price when I bought it.
  22. Opinions on prices for Schneider equipment

    As it seems nobody knows (or couldn't be arsed replying ) where I could find prices for this stuff, maybe ppl could give some opinions of what price they would suggest for the stuff, based on features/condition etc.? Thanks