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  1. Make : MITSUBISHI LANCER Transmission : Manual Kilometres : 138000 Price : $3,300 Condition : Used This is a great example of clean and well maintained Lancer. Features: - 6 Months Rego - Great fuel efficiency - Suprisingly spacious interior - Condition of interior is immaculate - Paint is still in excellent condition - aftermarket wheels with decent tread - Aftermarket Stereo system - serviced one month ago - Air con works Overall this is a great car which has always been serviced and maintained. Consequently it is very reliable and I have never had any issues with it. Buyer will be able literally pick up and drive, without issues! RWC can be supplied
  2. What would you import

    What the car from back the future? I'd get one of them

    Haha mate pissa of a write up!
  4. Changing from 180SX to a sports wagon.

    Mate sounds like your trying to get a wagon and make it a sports car... Maybe you should just have 2 cars? A sports wagon is never going to handle like a sports car. Get a family car for family stuff, and get a sports car for yourself.
  5. What Happens on a K-Tour?

    Can I ask how much you spent?
  6. What Happens on a K-Tour?

    Man this look mad, but looks of it I'll be saving for a long time.....maybe I do need to get my hands on drug money!
  7. What would you import

    hakosukas are sick!! Do they sell them here at all?
  8. Offset help

    Hey that's my r32 you saw on firesport!! They fit with just rolled guards. I didn't want them sticking out excessively. I didn't have any rubbing at all. I was planning to go lower but sold the car in the end. If your keen I hve the rims for sale!
  9. Open vs Closed Face Helmet

    Closed for sure. Better protection and that is why you buying a helmet, right?
  10. Varex mufflers

    Mate these are the best investment fir street cars. A bit pricey but will save you in fines. You can drive without attracting to much attention! And you don't have to change exhaust for weekend tracking
  11. inside turbo is orange colour?

    Haha Looks like octane booster
  12. more power!

    Is it for na? Get stainless steel one for sure. Everyones got a different opinion
  13. Planking

    Is planking still going on? It will be forgotten as quickly at it went viral...
  14. Mortal Kombat 9 Banned

    its pretty sick! i had a mate who got it from overseas for PS3 no probs
  15. Best R35's

    man what did they use to clean the orange Zele GT. MAN THAT IS MASSIVE SHINE