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  1. ACT workshops, tuners, paint n panel, rego, etc

    Anyone got any recommendations on somewhere/someone to my get my exhaust built for my 2J FD RX7? I already have a high flow cat and rear muffler just need someone to fab up a dump pipe and the rest of the exhaust. Leaning towards trying to find someone who does good stuff from home as they usually take a bit more care. Thanks
  2. Twin Turbo boost controller

    So the boost control unit is called a "BCU+"....? It's got a pretty thick booklet with lots of features. It has a page for twin turbo boost control but it appears to be parallel twin setup not sequential. I'm guessing that adding in another solenoid or using a t-piece would just be a try and see which works? I thought if I added another solenoid in and spliced the wires off the existing one in the system that it should send the signal to open/close the solenoid to both? Any ideas?
  3. Twin Turbo boost controller

    Hey everyone, Just need a little help with a boost controller. I have an opportunity to grab myself an electronic boost controller for free (not sure on brand) but hey its free! Those of you that know and now those that didn't, I will be running a 2JZGTE in my car with the standard sequential twins. I have been looking online and found that a twin solenoid boost controller is required to run the twins properly. My question is: If I take possession of said electronic boost controller, would it be possible to run a second solenoid so that I can control both turbos properly? If so, has anyone done it on here, maybe show me how they set it up? Maybe someone has a twin solenoid controller that they could show me the setup diagram or something similar?? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Cheers, Kurt
  4. Wheels, Tyres and suspension needed

    Just a heads up, if you ever need genuine nissan parts, especially import parts, give me a yell, I work at Nissan and can give you a good price!
  5. Wheels, Tyres and suspension needed

    Going 2inches bigger on wheel size is fine but the tyre profile will need to be lower to keep the same rolling diameter. Staggered fitment is okay as long as the track is no more than 15mm bigger than what is stated on the tyre placard. ( I have read through VSB 14 many times and have spent much time with the boys at dickson getting the rules straight) Choice of tyres is a little bit of a personal thing and a bit of a budget thing, I have found through personal experience that Federals have brilliant dry grip but got a bit slippery in the wet. I haven't tried many of the more expensive brands but I do currently run Bridgestone Potenza RE002s on my RX7, great dry grip and equally great wet grip, also not too bad on price either. I also previously ran these on my evo with great success (AWD helped wet weather grip a little in the evo) The boys are on the money for tyre prices, I had 17s on the evo, got 16s on the RX7, same brand and model tyre, 17s were cheaper! I guess there is just more cars running 17s now. Just my 2c, Hope it helps a little.
  6. The "i can lend you" thread

    Does anyone have stock supra/skyline wheels with rego tyres that I can borrow for a day? Happy to work out something for the help... Contact me on: 0403 583 867 Cheers, Kurt
  7. Local CARS for sale

    SSS Pulsar is sold!
  8. Canberra projects

    I love it! You gotta bring this it out on a friday night when it's finished, would love to see/hear it in person! Congrats to you on a unique car.

    Hi, This may not be exactly the right place to post this but I know people in Canberra talk to each other (usually) so anyways, I'm looking for a FD RX7 (1992-2002) rolling shell or one with a blown motor. Needs to be able to be registered. Willing to pay to pay reasonable money for the right car, so if anyone has one or knows of one, give me a bell. contact Kurt: 0403 583 867 or k.walmsley01@gmail.com
  10. Local CARS for sale

    Hi Guys, Selling my daily drive to fund the dream project, 1998 Nissan Pulsar SSS, SR20 5speed in white. 135,000km with log books from brand new!! Totally stock except for a genuine nismo shift knob (original leather one was falling apart) and a cd player. Great on fuel but still goes pretty good, would make a fantastic runabout second car as it is very reliable! Recently just had a new clutch, rear main seal, 2x engine crossmember mounts, platinum plugs, new air filter, new fuel filter. Pics can be sent on request, contact me on: 0403 583 867 or k.walmsley01@gmail.com $6,500 Cheers, Kurt
  11. Shannons Wheels 17th of March

    I will probably be out again (lonely evo parked amongst all the silvias and skylines again). I will see if i can get some more people to come out. Was pretty good last year, had a decent amount of JDM goodness compared to previous years and the cruise down there in a big group was good too. Come on guys, show some JDM pride and come down, doesn't matter what you have/have not got done to your car, all is welcome!
  12. Local PARTS for sale

    Hey, everyone! Still got a set of 180sx/s13 side skirts in white, fibreglass (look like type x style) no longer have the car so no need for them. I'm about to move in 2 weeks and don't really want to move them to the new place. I'm looking for about $40 txt me on: 0403 583 867
  13. Local CARS for sale

    Hey everyone, Selling my daily drive as I want some more money to start a new project. 1998 Nissan Pulsar series 2 SSS SR20 White Colour SR20 engine, 5 speed, low 133,000kms completely standard except for head unit and nismo gear knob recently had new tyres on the rear and passed a roadworthy about 3 months ago with no worries Has no oil leaks and never had an issue with it Has full log books from brand new! mongoose alarm system Overall good condition with a few lil scratches and bumps as expected of it's age Is a fantastic run around car and is great on fuel but still has some power Tons of potential to modify or just as a clean reliable newish comfortable runaround (that can fit a set of wheels+tyres with room to spare!) Has ACT Rego until June next year $7000 negotiable can send pics in an e-mail or jump onto to Gumtree Contact Kurt on: 0403583867 or kurt_the_dragon@hotmail.com
  14. 10th Annual Marques in the Park

    Are we meeting up somewhere before cruising down as a group? I'm interested in meeting up somewhere around 9 and cruising down with some of you guys and maybe some of the skyline guys. Anyone interested in meeting at the friday night spot at 9?
  15. 10th Annual Marques in the Park

    I'll be there for sure. are we doing a meet up before hand and cruise down as a group?