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  1. Matt's NA RB S13

    lookin good man, ill have to come down and have another look at it once its rolling
  2. ive got a red series 2 s14 with green p's so if you see me give me a wave like this page on facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/On-all-4s/436711926380363?fref=ts we try to have meets and cruises a fair bit
  3. s15 wheels

    yep ^^^ either put stock wheels on to get the blue slip or go somewhere a bit more lenient haha
  4. yeah man im around that area, there a fair few people around on the coast aswell
  5. get keen this should be a good day nar me and him will here on the coast, he's the organizer for the cruise, ill be in my red s14 with green p's and he will be in silver v35 cos his 180's engine thought life was to hard and gave up lol, if you see us come over and say hi
  6. you were killing it out there on saturday, i loved watching you slide ps, youve got a dmax wing dont you?
  7. NSW Spotted Thread

    You live around Terrigal area? I swear I see you there nearly every time I go out there. haha nar i live at tumbi but im out there heaps, what plates are on your s15? ill keep an eye out for you next time
  8. NSW Spotted Thread

    been seeing a fair few 13s and 180s and a couple of other s14s on the central coast lately and especially a two tone s13 that sounds of its head
  9. Club-House mix. Free download

    really good mixes man i love all the progressive stuff, i also liked your fb page keep up the good work
  10. Price : $250 Condition : Used urgent sale these have to go hey guys up for sale is a pair of my blitz 03 rims full details are: 2x 17x8 +36 blitz 03 no tyres a bit of rash on one of the rims, could do with a good polish but i havent had the time to do so but overall in decent condition contact me via pm or message me on 0 4 3 2 0 5 4 1 5 9 for more pictures pick up is preferred but im willing to post them aswell
  11. s14a dori project .....Sil80 reshelling

    one of my mates just got a v35 and i didnt used to think much of them until i went in one, there surprisingly have a lot of features and go pretty hard, oh and if you can pick up a hks exhaust for it they sound amazing thats what my mates one has and is quite until you wanna open it up, got many plan for it?
  12. Vehicle Inspections Sydney

    so are you guys do compression tests and full checks on the car and those types of things for people looking at buying? this is actually a pretty good idea
  13. Muski's Rocketbunny S14

    there was a really nice set of 03s last week on yahoo japan in 8.5 and 9.5s good offset and in the burning black like the last pair you sold me, i only just missed out on them so devastated im interested to see how the cst's will look
  14. Darcy - S15

    wow thats one very clean s15 mate
  15. Gym wankers

    people who wear hats in the gym seriously wtf, and i saw a guy the other day do curls in the squat rack then continue to do 4 sets push ups in the squat rack after he did curls