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  1. upgrading gearbox on sr20

    is there any places on the gold coast or brissy that do a cut and shut?
  2. upgrading gearbox on sr20

    where abouts did you get your gearbox cut and shut?
  3. upgrading gearbox on sr20

    ok sweet the powertune kit has the flywheel spacer and i dont really want to destroy two gearbox bell housings to hopfully make work properly ill have a look at those other kits thanks
  4. i have a 180sx i have upgraded to a built s15 motor and the 5 speed gearboxs arent holding up any more i am looking to swap to a rb 25 or z32 box but witch way to do is best ive seen some kits out there and im not to keen on putting a spacer between the fly wheel and motor seems dodgey is there a good spacer kit out there? ive been leaning towards the ets kit (engineered to slide) but want to know if there is better ones out there cheers