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  1. 22 psi through a td0620g or 3071r

    what cams and other mods? Brian Crower 264 cams with BC springs and retainers,Tomei rocker arm stopper,splitfire coilpacks nismo 740cc injectors,walbro intank pump,tomei fuel reg steam pipe manifold,45mm Hypergate plumbed into exhaust and 3" turbo back. haltec ecu running Map sensor and controlling boost thru HKS evc-5. Just your average mild setup tuned on pump 98 fuel
  2. 22 psi through a td0620g or 3071r

    So far dude stock bottom end with tomei 1.2mm headgasket,3071r pushing in 22psi at 270kw and no issues at all. Like you said comes down to the tune but im religious on good quality oil as thats where is going to happen specially with bearings being the age they are in the standard bottom end. As a street car driven on a daily basis the car doesnt see full boost so really i'd think of 22psi doing no harm once every now and then I'd say go for it,The good part is knowing its there when you wanna play
  3. r33 / r34 toe arms

    im running SPL toe arms,camber arms and traction rods in S15 Josh when i purchased and recieved them i was stoked to see the build quality of them. once installed and aligned the rear feels nice and solid and have had no issues so i'll vouch their a good bit of gear well worth the money. free plug for Pete at JDM obsession for his products
  4. Federal 235/40 on 9.5 quite happy with the quality..Personally best performing tyre i've used for a street car for price!
  5. Tough_S13, I have Blitz Nur spec R catback on a S15 and have had no issues at all, current setup 3" custom dump with 45mm hypergate plumbed in with mentioned catback and its still flowing 270rwkw. not the ideal system for quietness but goes to show they still flow enough!! may not look appealing but the silencer that comes with nur spec works really well for street driving if trying to keep on the down low for cruising my 2c anyway
  6. ^^^ ha showing a great deal of intelligence ya knob least i was on topic.
  7. **180 tightass budget spec** sr20det

    nice base to start with dude,good things take time i can help ya out the s15 injectors and Z32 cheap if need be.
  8. im running similar setup with the 6 speed manual behind it and have 268kw on 22psi. Get rid of the auto dude and make everything worth while
  9. im surprised how low in rpm it still drives like e.g pulling way from round about in 2nd say 1500rpm it ain't spluttering because of the cam profile or bigger fuel setup. just the bite the new nismo 2way has when cornering as you would expect Totally different world when on boost tho,its got enough 'G's" to make any sad fella smile ear to ear!! The whole set-up combined with a 3in turboback system is failrly loud so for street purposes it has the bolt in silencer installed,for my sake of attention i don't need from the fags in blue. If your deciding on a similar setup i have:T3 steampipe highmount manifold suit extgate,PowerFC and controller suit Vct blacktop SR and Z32 airflow meter up for sale if anyone's keen!
  10. Here ya go "ShadowR" stuffed it up resizing,cut off the end axis of the graph. but you get the idea Stock bottom end with tomei 1.2mm headgasket,740cc injectors,walbro intank pump,tomei fuel reg,BC 264 cams and springs, haltec ecu,powertune highmount manifold with T3 3071 0.63 rear and 4in intake,turbosmart ext gate and HKS EVC gives you the idea anyway
  11. MI55EE's S15 - resprayed :)

    Shmick example for a being a chick congrats, costly process i know but just to top it off, decent fitment of some quality jap wheels and its complete cosmetically personal opinion obviously but keep at it your doing things right
  12. hey guys here's my 2c worth,been floating round for a while on NS have stuff all post tho. But anyway just last week picked my s15 up from powertune highmounted T3 flanged 3071 with ext gate,BC 264 cams and spring,controller it all controlled by the platinum pro standard bottom end with all supporting fuel set-up.Chea managed to get 270kw on 22psi. The s15 is daily driven so really its a nice combo for street and track like kemp was saying. its easy to drive off boost but comes on boost and has the punch that we all like in the end. Dude personally i was hesitant with stock bottom end but you soon realise its not life or death of your motor if the tuner knows his shit. So i'd like to say just go out and do it
  13. Sure is Steph..yeah still learning with everything didnt know if it was important for technical reasons.. so bascially saying i can do away with both? righteo there goes couple kgs of dead weight..
  14. May sound like a dumb C&^t but can any1 tell me what this lump of metal is called and what is it purpose? looked everywhere over the net and cant seem to find much info..was wondering why 1 wheel was sitting in more under the guard than the otherside thinking it was a bent cradle turns out the other 1 of these came off along with the bolt holding the coilover on at the base which has cause the bottom of the coilover on the shaft to slide a little giving the more camber effect. If its important which i don't think it is, came off a s15 and also if anyone has a spare laying around i'll take it off your hands.. here a pic peoples