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  1. MX5's

    You've probably seen this already:
  2. The NEW Fastest car in the world!

    FK! What an epic car.
  3. 200sx S15 ADM (Black)

    Hahah Reece. Good to see you got your first post.
  4. Should I get a VW Golf GTI?

    Never seen this Top Gear clip before: Renault Clio v6
  5. Should I get a VW Golf GTI?

    Nice car man. How epic has this thread become?
  6. What's the best tyre s15 NEED HELP

    This is what he is saying: 'Hey people, I recently bought a s15 with bald tyres. Currently the wheels are 19x9.5 and have Maxxis 235/35/19 tyres on them. I would like to know what the best tyres are (irrespective of money) and also which tyres are the best value for money under this budget ($XXX). Also which places would you recommend in the Doncaster, Victoria area? Any help will be much appreciated'. What is your budget? We can be a lot more effective with our help if you give us a budget.
  7. What's the best tyre s15 NEED HELP

    Depends on your budget. I found the cheapest ones that are decent are kumho ku31s.
  8. vic accident

  9. Should I get a VW Golf GTI?

    Prefer 4 doors for a daily. I would consider Polo GTI but isn't it very low on power?
  10. Should I get a VW Golf GTI?

    Yeah I saw that review. PWND seems to be spot on.
  11. Should I get a VW Golf GTI?

    You guys are spot on.
  12. Should I get a VW Golf GTI?

    Renault Megane Sport 250 Cup Trophee - $56k
  13. P Rides~!

    I strongly suggest what I said earlier. There is no point spending all your money (or in your case, a considerable amount of your father's money) on a car. It is a depreciating asset. Just buy a cheaper car and focus on improving your driving. When I first went to the track I realised that having a fast car does not matter as much as your driving skills - there was one guy in a stock Mazda 3 with some good tyres who just punished everyone.
  14. P Rides~!

    Worst advice. The fine isn't the only issue in driving a turbocharged car on your Ps without an exemption. There are other repercussions such as loss of licence and more importantly you are not covered by insurance. Definitely not worth the risk.
  15. Should I get a VW Golf GTI?

    Hey CroS13, I agree with you with regards to going Euro next car. At the moment I am liking the Renault Megane Sport 225 as a daily: [*] European [*] 0-60mph quoted under 6.5 seconds [*] Brembo brakes [*] Leather interior [*] 5 star NCAP rating - 8 airbags [*] Good on fuel [*] 4 doors/5 seats [*] Unique [*] Can get a 2004 model for around $12k-$15k - Check out Renault Sport 225 REDBOOK Understand that Golfs have better build quality and handle better etc. However, just thinking that the Renault is better value for money. It will be a tight call between the two and if there is a good deal available for GTIs then that might sway me. Only 11 second hand Renault Sport 225s available in Aus on Carsales/Carpoint. That is just what I am thinking at the moment, however, may change my mind (as I usually do).