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  1. Im personally a pretty big fan of royal purple (10W40). thats what i use in mine every 4-5000k. just from feed back I've heard from a lot of respectable people.
  2. sr20 noise help

    spontaneous knock or constant knock??? VCT knock?
  3. sr20 noise help

    didn't leave anything under the rocker cover??
  4. Redtop SR20 high idle

    couple fo questions... turbo or na? if its turbo why did the AFM get relocated? also why and how is the IACV been deleted. has it been tuned with 725cc injectors?
  5. I would give it a few more days on the 98 and see if it clears itself out. another thought, have you ever let the fuel light come on b4? if not than maybe the pump has picked up a bit of crap off the bottom of the tank and is clogging up your filter bit... as for the chain rattle they al usually get better when they're warmer.. i can't remember for sure but i think SR's have hydraulic tensioners, so on initial cold start u may get some loud chain rattle until u get full oil pressure.
  6. Prac Day Nov 16th (GRIP)

    A quick video i put together of me n a few mates. enjoy!
  7. hi everyone. the story goes like this ive got a 1997 type x with a standard brake setup (4 stud, abs, BM44...ect) ive bought r32gtr front calipers and rotor and also the master (bm50) off of a mate that took it out of his 32gtr and everything was working fine. ive done the upgrade using gkteck braided lines and ebay special billet hubs. put everything together bled it 3 times and the pedal is rock hard. but when i start the car and the booster kicks in it spongy as f@$k. so i bled it another 2 times with the car running and it seems to have got a little better but still very soft only with the car running... any ideas? Thanks.
  8. hey mate. ive got everything i need to do a full 32 gtr brake upgrade on my type x.. except the motivation. lemme know if your interested.
  9. after a bit of advise here. looking to upgrade my type x with 32gtr brakes. what do i need to make it happen. please only reply if you have done the conversion yourself, an opinion is good but experience is useful. cheers, Harry
  10. Price : $60 Condition : Used Do you own a s13 and are you sick of not being able to see your climate control buttons at night. I can help you. The deal is this, if you give me the 4 globes that are in your existing unit (or the whole unit if you dont mind having a hole in your dash for a bit) and $60 i will make up some LED's that fit right in and look very good, not so bright that it's in your face but bright enough to be able to see and look good. (see photo below). Turn around will usually be a day or two depending on how busy i am, I'm in the Prospect area so pick ups around this area are cool, if you live significantly further i can meet you half way or something, PM if interested.
  11. Hey people. Just courious.... I have a set of S13 JIC rear coilovers. Don't know sweet f#*k all about JIC coilovers,,, they're gold n I've been told that theyre magics... Just wanted to confirm this n also find out how much there worth... Any helP is good, sorry for having no idea n all but yeh.
  12. 180SX fuel pump not priming

    pull the relay out and bridge the contacts. crank it and see it it starts
  13. nice bird in a silver type x on chrome d teks leaving northpark car park onto regency