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  1. [NSW] S13 parts dungeon clearout

    hey mate hazard light switches still available?
  2. New Sil80 owner

    if you do go for a strawberry conversion. make sure your car is registered before you do it... lol dt panels are good for front end conversions
  3. Skyvia conversion?

    would need phat wheels... imo heres a pic i found of a sky80
  4. New Sil80 owner

    ^^yeah was gonna say the same thing but yeah welcome to ns champ. s15 front on a 180 is tuff tho .. i got one hehehe
  5. suspension :D

    so to bring a dead thread.. picked up some HSD HR f:8 r:6 and happy with them the car sits well
  6. LOL "now for extra safety you can bolt them in"
  7. nice ride champ very different i like. lol were shots taken in toorak??
  8. anyone organised anything for melbourne??
  9. Coilovers

    i've just bought a set of hsd hr coilovers. i'll hit ya up when they are in.
  10. Ken Block will be at Calder Park

    his videos are cool. good display of car control. would be sweet to see it live and be in the car riding shotgun. like this vid gymkana 2.1
  11. car security

    i have a clublock and a kill switch and antitheft.
  12. What would you import

    if i had the coin i would import a fq400 or evo 6 zero fighter