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  1. 1991 Nissan Silvia - $8,000

    Make : NISSAN SILVIA Transmission : Manual Kilometres : 130000 Price : $8,000 Condition : Used Looking for a drifter/ streeter....your in the right place. we have a rb20 powered s13 engineered for the street. as it stands it makes 244rkw on e80. this a package deal that comes with not 1 not 2 but 3 sets of drift rims with tires. a perfect drift car already set up and ready to go for the next day with no extra costs. some things done are -nistune -750cc injectors -fmic -bigger turbo (td05 18g) full boost at 3300 -coilovers -rollcage -bonnet pins -standard gauges -exhaust -plus much more im not looking to part so dont ask! there are many more photos and parts to list so if you would like more info please dont hesitate to ask. the car is out of rego atm but can easly have some put back on and driven home. asking price $8000 with 12 months rego pm or message me on 0431725458 for more details
  2. Ask urself the number one question. Do u want to be different?? Or do u want the same as everyone else s15 sr20. I said i wanted a 6 banger in my s chassie and wouldnt go back. Dont worrie about power yet. Worrie about how different it is and what u can do. How long are u planning on having the car also.
  3. Idle problems

    Ok so ive tried the cam angle sensor also. I thought it was the plug but as soon as i touched it the plug fell apart on the inside. So i thought ill wire in a new plug. Now the car wont start. Yes ive qired the same way. But i had to use a rb25 cas plug. I cant work thus problem out can anyone help with this now? Ive got a new fpr with gauge on way should get by end of week. But i wanna know y its not even starting now
  4. Jezas rb powered s13

    http://hardtuned.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=533678&view=&hl=&fromsearch=1 Please help
  5. Jezas rb powered s13

    Yer the setup going very soon. Got td05 18g ready to go on. Need to sell few things so i can get the wastegate welded on.
  6. Idle problems

    I thought it was that too. But i sawpped it with another one i have and still same thing
  7. Jezas rb powered s13

    haha digging up old thread. so the builds changed to something rediculious. now i have 230kw at the wheels with so much lag i can supply everyone. its so shit lol. anyways enough bitching the build now has 750cc injectors forward facing plenum, front mount intercooler, top mount t04e turbo, 6boost manifold,(fake) lol custom dump. spitfire coilpacks, oil cooler z32and nistune to run it
  8. Idle problems

    Perfect pm sent through
  9. Idle problems

    I swapped my z32 with a mates one and same thing. Also we tested for boost leak and nothing. We also tested the voltages from the afm and there 12v and 1.3v idle. I yes when i just had car tuned i had it wired in to the ecu wires. If i could borrow that cable i might get a better look. I live in panania
  10. Idle problems

    has anyone got a consult cable i could use??
  11. Ok I have been looking this up for a week now and tried heaps. But I give up. I have rb20 in s13, t04e turbo. 750cc injectors, coil packs, forward facing plenum. Supporting mods to make 230 at wheels So I have 044 bosh in pump and surge. External 044 bosh also. Now I have just had it tuned and I hurt my back so I haven't drivin it. Finally drive it around the block to see how it feels and when I pull back into my driveway it wouldn't let me rev the engine. I though it was something catching on throttle. So I check and nothing. So I try Reving and it sounds like its misfiring. So I turn car off. Now car doesn't start??? So I disconnect second pump and it starts and runs. I reconnect the second pump and it runs on 2 cylinders and blows mass amounts of black smoke. I checked all pipes are still tight. Checked afm still connected cleaned afm. Checked voltages at afm, 1.3v on idle. Everything I do with second pump on doesn't work. While on in tank pump I can disconnect all inter cooler pipes and it will still idle normal. But still can't rev engine. The tuner suggested boost leak but I can't see how I could have a leak if I can disconnect the afm and car still idles. Can anyone suggest anything
  12. Price : $800 Condition : Used I have a s2 rb25det for sale. 142.000.kms removed from r33gts-t. I is missing the ignitor pack power steering pump alernator and turbo. I am looking for 800 for it. with stock turbo and dump or 900 with t04e turbo. prices slightly negotiable Easiest way of contact is by mobile. 0431725458