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  1. I'm sick of the Communist/Nazi style pic of the day which is more like pic of the month these days and more posts get deleted from it than added these days. So welcome to Democracy where freedom of speech is allowed. Post and discuss and hopefully we can actually have a pic posted on a daily basis with witty opinion and discussion about them and without the unnecessary nothing pic just to avoid the warning. ENJOY
  2. Mitsubishi Starion build (AXELR8)

    Give Adelaide Tailshat services a ring, I've used them for conversions and they can knock it up for you no problems. Just need to give them some measurements off a tape measure and your set. http://adelaidetails...service.com.au/ Also I vote you keep the carpet.
  3. 180sx RB20 Tailshaft Help!

    If you swap rear halfs you will need to get the whole shaft balanced again.
  4. A bit of advice on my welds.

    Might need a little more than a quick wipe down, could still be a bit contaminated. I'd clean one up as thoroughly as you can and give it a shot.
  5. A bit of advice on my welds.

    When you say "Heaps of cleaning up was required" how exactly did you clean everything? Are you talking about cleaing up the smoothness of the piece or actually cleaning contaminants off it?
  6. I thought you would be a little more skeptical.
  7. The thing is people building cars used to come here to find parts and trouble shoot issues, It's sad that Loz is just letting this site die a slow gargling death.
  8. BENO'S RB26 SIL80

    I like your analog acceleration/deceleration gauge on top of the dash.
  9. I've got pretty much all that stuff, except the tyres on 2 wheels are probably not legal, and stock suspension has king springs on it but they aren't that low if you wanna borrow them. PM me if you need PM Sent
  10. Hey all, Need to borrow a set of stock suspension and wheels for s15, also a stock air box if you have it. More than happy to compensate you for the privilege. Let me know. Cheers
  11. SA Buy/Swap/Sell Thread

    Hey all, I'm helping a mate with a 1j Cressida conversion and the motor is coming out of his old Soarer. We've got the cross member but need to get a front sump and oil pick up and possibly the engine mount brackets for the engine. I haven't really had a good look into it so any info would be good as well. Please PM me if you can help me out in any way or know someone who can. Cheers.
  12. As the title says I need one this Saturday for some work on a mates Cressida. I'm happy to compensate you for the privilage with Beers or Cash so let me know. Cheers
  13. I'll be doing it myself I just need the roller.
  14. I'd have a play with the headlight fitment before you get stuck into the bar too much.
  15. S15 Spec R VVL kicked in YO

    Which gearbox adapter is that?
  16. VC commodore... for the drifties

    You should set up the thunderloop thriller.
  17. The Ls14, It's rego time mofos..

    Care to elaborate what problems? snapped subframes? or just everything vibrating loose? im leaning towards getting the nolathane ones as i believe there should be some sort of vibration isolation/give in the drive train. seeing as ive got rose jointed everything, locker and solid cradle i might give the diff a bit of slack. The subframe tends to crack from the rear diff mounting holes and the vibration.
  18. PIC OF THE DAY! Discussion ENCOURAGED!

    I can't look away
  19. 2 way in the hills

    Get the 2 way, It will be fine.
  20. Epic car fail thread

    I think it's about time this thread was pinned as it has about 6 times more pages than any other in this category.
  21. United Australian Party

    Exactly. If you are a professional hunter or shooter you can still get semi-auto firearms. Also almost every pistol you cad get with H class is double action aka semi-auto.
  22. PIC OF THE DAY! Discussion ENCOURAGED!

    I need that sticker!
  23. United Australian Party

    This came up as an add when I was on youtube the other day. However like all of these small parties all that really matters is whether they preference Liberal or Labor. FUTURE PARTY