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  1. Im so sorry to hear, RIP.. and im sure he is safe and well and smiling down on us all now.... I would love to go on the cruise .....
  2. How many people have been defected?

    not as yet although i have been pulled over and told my car was defectable a few times... The last cop was only interested in giving me a fine for not having headlights on in the carpark, wtf dont think he knew much about cars as he wasnt intrested in defecting me thank god........
  3. ** Girls Girls Girls **

    Pity it wasn't Madonna who sang it. It was Cyndi Lauper. oh shit yeah , close enough anyway lol Anyways whats the concerns about girls being so Bitchy?. i know there are Bitchy guys out there too , who get pmt.....
  4. ** Girls Girls Girls **

    as madonna sings "Girls just want to have fun " lol
  5. ** Girls Girls Girls **

    oh thats lovely what a gentelman..
  6. ** Girls Girls Girls **

    Hey D and Shanna Great idea im keen for sure..... Go the Girls lol

    my car is my boy....
  8. How many here drive AUTO?

    i drive an auto .. boo hoo but it makes for easy sunday cruises i guess lol.. i enquired about a conversion through the honda delarship and was laughed at .