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  1. my s14 317kw

    nice car.
  2. Satan.

    2 from 2 whats going on here?????????
  3. Satan.

    true. good kid doing things the right way
  4. s13/Northern Beaches/Laters $$$

    looking good man. hope you dont get the same shit as you did last time on here
  5. SR20DE AE86... matsuri video up

    this is true always helps my car problems
  6. SpotMan's Clown Car & Jzx90 daily

    bolt it on whens its wet then it drys to seal them together
  7. Satan.

    glad to hear its finally working for you woods
  8. Loki's zil80

    looks mint i like it
  9. Satan.

    about time glad its finally working for you.
  10. looking good makes me want to put my engine back in my soarer
  11. Full on 180 rebuild

    thats so good you picked it up so cheep. you going to go bigger turbo?
  12. SR20+ PASEO= DRIFT

    yes. so watching this
  13. mz20 soarer a new beginning.

    pictures of the motor out.