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  1. Hey guys, I have a Brand New s15 Xtreme single mass chromoly flywheel. Need cash and looking for a quick sale $200 (paid a lot more). Item: s15 Xtreme single mass chromoly flywheel Price: Brand New and comes with ARP bolts and locating dowels. Location: South Australia currently at my mechanic, Driven Motorsport. Willing to post?: Can post at buyers cost but PREFER pick up Contact: private message or contact me on 0435474610
  2. s15 stock standard power

    That is the JDM s15, the ADM ones were rated at 147 kw
  3. S15 Offset

    that's gonna be overly aggressive, s15 guards aren't like s13/180/s14 guards which can handle the low + offset. With 0 camber all round 9+30 fits practically flush a bit of poke on the front
  4. Car shopping!

    That same car was on sale in the private sales on NS. Pretty sure it had a lower asking price with some of the goodies listed removed.
  5. 'Please note, we don't post interstate'
  6. Don't happen to have any s15 bootlids with no holes by any chance?
  7. r33 or s15?

    s14a + use cash to mod it up
  8. Lol! Are you some hard parker? If it's a street only car what are you doing with cages and a stripped interior? I understand if you track your car, but the OP is talking about street cars which are mostly used as dailys. So if you have a car that has its full interior, no roll cage you're soft? lol, you're clearly too gangsta.
  9. GTR front bar, get a widebody if you want unique that would look good. I think it'd help make the car look a lot more aggressive, matched with some really tough offset wheels.