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  1. Vicpol and festive season?

    You "lol" at using a helicopter but I've seen it being done on the Merrijig-Mt Buller road a few times.
  2. Honestly it's the opposite, the people who subscribe to this whole 'war on hoons' and watch ACA/TT would be the selfish people who wouldn't stop and help.
  4. Hitler rants about Triple J

    Thanks for the homophobic rant kdog you ignorant asshole! Classic 'hard working Aussie bloke' bullshit.
  5. But if they've gone out of their way to impose on OTHERS freedom - isn't it right and "justified" to take away their freedom to prevent it from happening again? Isn't this why we have jail? How does peeling out from the lights in the wet impose on others freedom? How does industrial skids impose on others freedom? Drink driving I agree does and is f**king retarded.
  6. It's should be easy enough to make the cars able to powerslide, shouldn't have to use gimmicks like boost/nitro.
  7. Who cares about realistic I just want skids. Hated the way cars bogged down!
  8. Manscaping

    I do it but not just because it makes it look better, I mainly do it just because it's cleaner and neater. Hate massive fro's, plus chicks prefer a clean looking rig, I've had it commented on before. ... and yeah just trim it, never go full smooth.
  9. Pics of S14 on 16's

    Definitely go the same size tyres all 'round if they're the same size wheels, it looks stupid with different size tyres on the same wheels!
  10. Why would you take a three month old to the midnight screening of a very, very highly anticipated film? They're liable to cry, scream and throw a tantrum any minute potentially ruining the cinema experience/film for everyone else, I would be SERIOUSLY pissed if the baby screamed the whole way through the film after I have stayed up till midnight and payed good money to go. Do the parents have no common sense and are that selfish.
  11. The Shire..... (the shite)

    "some people just want to watch the world burn" lost my shit to that one!
  12. Organ Donors

    Do with me what you will after I'm dead I really don't care, medical research all for it, who cares when you're dead.
  13. Toyota 86 - How does it stack up?

    Ever thought that some people need 4wds for their high towing capacity, payload (utes) and off road ability? Sometimes I need to get through muddy sites while towing an excavator and trailer combo weighing roughly 3 tons, so obviously I should get taxed for that.
  14. August Ebisu Matsuri

    Hot tip: Don't write yourself off at the G1 after party, you'll end up feeling shit for Matsuri, be missing an eyebrow and have a cock and balls shaved in your hair. I'd also recommend buying some basic tools over there, socket set and spanners.
  15. August Ebisu Matsuri

    I went through 8 pairs in about 5 days drifting but my car had a huge exhaust leak, so for two of those days I wasn't making boost.