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  1. Weekly meets

    over at Baldessin at ANU again tonight
  2. Weekly meets

    Just a heads up Grevillea will full of old people and caravans tonight http://www.canberra100.com.au/calendar/view/471/spin-museum-of-the-long-weekend/ The car park directly opposite over Parkes way is probably as good a substitute as any. Are there many people that aren't in Sydney tonight?
  3. Weekly meets

    So for those who don't know we were moved on from ANU last Friday because someone complained that we looked like seedy C's, so unless we want to try be less conspicuous and start up a drum circle we're looking for a new place. We drove around and checked a bunch out ended up hanging in a covered car park on Phipps close, Deakin; it was pretty cosy although we'll end up spread out for parking there's space to stand around with quite good shelter. I like the new venue, its a quiet area not too close to houses or visible from the road but if security do a run through I would be surprised if we weren't noticed and moved on, my vote is worth a try though. Thoughts everyone?
  4. MGCC Motorkhana at Sutton Road - 26 May 2013

    Entered! (probably)
  5. IDA D-Day 1st April 2013 Wakefield Park

    I'm now signed up to become the drift king, looking forward to some epic fun and taking my engine out.
  6. Weekly meets

    I'll also be hittin' it tonight
  7. Some guys from Goulburn have organised a cruise to Canberra for a morning skid pan followed by a cruise out to Corrin, there's a few spots left for the pan and the more the merrier for cruising and bbq's out at Corrin. Search for the event "Aussie Cruise 2013" on facebook for more info and RSVP'ing or ask me or the organiser Jesse Nelson. Skid pan is $100/head with a $50 deposit needed for a morning half day session running 15 cars and kicking off at 8am. Spectators and rookies welcome
  8. Weekly meets

    I have an umbrella... I'm keen for an excuse to cruise with my newly pimped ghetto blaster if anyone else feels like heading
  9. Weekly meets

    Should be, driving at night should give my car a chance to cool down
  10. The next skidpan day

    WTF? I think he is calling you a bitch! You should fight him! Oh and Sebastian Im taunting bart till saturday as too the identity of my new car, so keep it a secret. I look forward to seeing how useless it is on the skidpan. Dude your new car will be epic. looking forward to seeing it action! Powah!! I hope it just doesnt single peg the whole time. On a skid pan it should be fine for skids unless your rubber is too good, until I put 'big' rims with proper tyres on the datsun it was a monster in the rain. If not, we have a welder.
  11. The next skidpan day

    That puts us at 12 for the morning if no-one drops, I guess chilliscool gets first reserve if we don't want to run 12? Morning: Fists + 1 Thornes (x3) Corrupt Royalty KENut moss + 1 NickStoyaa Mr. Delicious (Reserve) chilliscool Arvo Tsurikawa CAFC86 Stinkypoo + 1 A31Cefiro Maiden Sil80 Francis Rohan & wife The Moose & missus
  12. The next skidpan day

    Updating the list a little: Morning: Fists + 1 Thornes (x3) Corrupt Royalty KENut moss NickStoyaa chilliscool Arvo Tsurikawa CAFC86 Stinkypoo + 1 A31Cefiro Maiden Sil80 Francis Rohan & wife The Moose & missus chilliscool, just PM Sol (A31Cefiro) and ask for his details so you can give him the money but by my count there's a spot for you. moss et al. have I included all of your +1/2s ? That leaves one spot in the morning session
  13. The next skidpan day

    Me and Ben are in so: List update: A31Cefiro Maiden Sil80 The Moose ^ His missus Rohan the welder ^his missus CAFC_86 moss NickStoyaa Killabeez Corrupt Royalty hipcrostino steveunit tsurikawa KENUT Fists Mr. Too Many Cars To Fix To Sign Up to NS possibly Stinkypoo Hope everyone is ready to some out-of-control-viscous-diff-HICAS-skids.... Feel free to group me with the rookies
  14. NEED R32 GTR rims borrow

    They are indeed, step-Dad got the same thing on a Van which was on Steelies so its not just obviously modified cars either. That was in an audit though, so a little more thorough than usual I guess.
  15. ACT import meet n greet BBQ

    I dropped by this morning just before 11 and it wasn't too busy, should be enough room for us. Current forecast is sunny but cold and a bit of wind, about as good as we could hope for, see you all there