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  1. HEYA ALL! My mate has a 1996 series 2 s14 200sx (cat eyes model). ABS system is stuffed and needs good working ABS system. I have heard that the 1996 type x 180sx uses the same abs system. is this true? Wanted to know if anyone had either one spare or lying around and if they would like to sell it. much apprecited guys n gals thanks, peace out
  2. Thanks heaps for that. will check everything and hope it kicks over tomorrow. cheerio 180SX
  3. Hey all! I am doing conversion at present. everything is in, but need help with wiring. Going from AUTO to MANUAL. Can anyone tell me what needs to be plugged in/buddied up/changed in wiring. I have REDS, but nothing else happens. No starter clicking or motor cranking. I was told i only need to make two wiring changes. 1. for reverse lights and 2. buddy the two pin plug from fuse box at bottom of fuse box on motor side. Can anyone please tell me if this is correct or if there is anything else i have to do. i wanna get my baby back on the road so i can drift, i mean drive properly with a manual REALLY NEED HELP! thanks everyone.