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  1. 98 Hyundi Excel - $1,250

    Make : EXCEL Transmission : Kilometres : 170 Price : $1,250 Condition : Used Up for sale is this beaut, it was my run around but now I have an s14 and have clearly gone up in the world, this jem has to go because I want coilovers or wheels. https://member.carsales.com.au/member/sse/editad.aspx?idx=0&aid=646736&preview=true
  2. Price : $400 Condition : Used Hi Guys, I have these gulf stich wheels sitting around collecting dust they are in OK ( some paints come off them) nick they are proper 3 piece Jap wheels, two have shagged tires on them and two dont.
  3. what pre work are you using?

    Best prework outs, Mesomorph Jack3d 1mr Presurge Whiteflood Animal rage ECA stack hehe
  4. what pre work are you using?

    Animal rage Was great, good mind / muscle coordination. Bought at adrenaline hq , west ryde
  5. Hi guys, does anyone in aus prefab these?
  6. These things are the tits saved me ass many times
  7. North Shore Silvia Meet

    Ah good ol car lovers in tuz muz, when you say wknd you mean sat ? And I think the truck stop at the ol road is a better bet or maxxy b car park st Ives
  8. Air Conditioning Boiling

    The boiling is def air in the system, you need jack the car up pretty high from the front, turn the heat on and rebleed. If you don't u risk a hot spot. As for the heat my type x does the same turn the temp down on the controller and then turn it off. I figured it saves your last settings
  9. Specs and figures when ready please. Word to your mother
  10. Random power drain

    I do not think so but who knows, the guy may have f**ked something. Battery charges so that's cool, been through two batts. The shit thing is I cannot easily cut power to the alarm so wouldn't know how to check it. Autoelecy here i come!!
  11. Sounds like a f**ked door switch , or a broken wire. Check the switches and wiring
  12. Hi guys, I have a type x and it's managed to develop massive power drain. One night and it's dead, I heard the alternators on sr's sometimes do this but wondering if anyone knows of anything else. I have an aftermarket alarm but I'm pretty sure that's sweet, however the guy did f**k up the door circuit so the door warning light was always on I fixed this though. My mate and I are pretty handy with multimeter so any leads would be good. Tar