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  1. Hay guys, The Allaboutstance.com guys are holding a another meet/ Dyno day, This event will have a bit less hard parking for the haters It's up at Mia engine service and There will be food and drinks available for sale at the event, so no one needs to bring lunch or do a quick maccas run. As far as I know, There are 7 more spot available on the dyno and the dynos will be done on a mainline rwd dyno, so no Front wheel drive Vtec Civic's yo and 4wd's unfortunately If there are any interest then please head over to the site and post any questions you have or put your name down for a few runs, I'd answer the questions myself, but I dont persoanlly know all the info and what's happening. So best to ask the organizer himself or just inquire below http://www.allabouts...nual-dyno-day!! It's a Meet as well, so more cars at the event the better, bring out your cameras, remote control car, huffy sliders... or even a go kart if you have one? Really keen and hoping to see some Silvias / NS members repping at the meet, so bring out your rides be it Hella tucked, hella flush or hella stock Cheers
  2. J_HUI Photography

    A bit of an update! Finally gave my 60D a good work out on Saturday afternoon for The-lowdown.com / JDMyard meet, Hosted for US /Canibeat.com Photographer Jordan Donnelly to show him what (a part of) Sydney scene/ AU meets are like Original plan was to go easy on the shutter and keep the body like new.... well.. that plan worked for about 20 minutes lol, 534 photos later here's a few good ones The rest of the pics are on my Facebook page gallery, go check it out if you have time If the link don't work then try Here Also this came in the mail today, can't wait to give it a good use 24-105mm F4 L Yup I stuck a sticker on the lens barrel, keep an eye out for me in the future =) Joseph
  3. Matthew Everingham Photography

    Killing it with your rig shots Mat !!! I got a rig too. but my lens isn't wide enough and my pole isn't stable or long enough :(
  4. Cannon 550D

    Cheap =D But you have to take account of the shipping which is $45-50, and then the 55-250mm which is another $200 ontop. So works out to be about the same, if not more All Jap / Aus/ Us model are the same as far as I know, only difference are the badge and choice of language
  5. Cannon 550D

    I personally have one in the household and highly recommend it, I was going to buy a second 550D because it was my brothers. Good button layout and feels "ok" to hold for a long day Good image and video quality and dont think you'll need to upgrate anytime soon, unlike buying a cheap 1100D. But I bought had a 550D and a 18-135mm which is different price, so I'm not sure if 900 is cheap or not, but on ebay they go for around 900, so it sounds like a good deal. Go for it, you won't be disappointed
  6. June 2011 Photography Comp

    Make it 6 Don't have time to head out to take photos, so found a pic from a few weeks back
  7. J_HUI Photography

    Damn, I hate loading my own thread, I post too many direct visible pics -.- Anywho, time for a small update. I got to meet up with Canibeat photographer Jordan Donnelly and The-lowdown.com guys on Friday night, for a small shoot of Fonzy's Ta22 Celica, soon to be featured on canibeat. Present? Rest of the set / teasers on my dodgy Facebook page: http://www.facebook....205469332829784 Joseph
  8. June 2011 Photography Comp

    Too easy! If I remember, I'll submit something
  9. please help with pics for a present

    Seeing these are going to a good cause I gave it a shot. Tried to keep it colorful as well as HDR look with a warm "loving??" glow to the image Hope your old man gets better and looking forward to seeing the final prints which ever one you decide to choose
  10. Show me your photoshop skills

    Got bored, decided to give the base image a shot, 10 mins work and if I'm lucky, I get paid to do PS work like these. I recently made This and various other S15's for an upcoming Hot4's article
  11. Kory Leung Photography

    Quality shots Kory always been a fan of your work. Simple question, what lens were you using for the meet? Sorry if it's been asked before. Because the White 34 shot with the Gt-v's, look's really sharp
  12. J_HUI Photography

    AHaha, Shhhhhhh Kory dont tell people where the shots have been taken. I actually live out in the ghetto Seven Hills area. But I don't have my P's at the moment, So I just train it to locations that's good and close to public transport like Rhodes or Olympic park But Olympic boulevard is way over used and another few spots near Homebush Ive shot at are getting renovated, So hopefully I can actually get off my lazy arse and get my P's so I can go location scoping soon!! Plenty of spots out at Rosehill, Norwest and even the airport area.. that's all I'm saying Not sure if I'll be going to Evo nat's/ Eomm didn't ask anyone for a ride and I wasn't planing to go, see what happens.
  13. J_HUI Photography

    Hehe sure you did But you don't need more lens, you need more practice, your thread is still so empty (), even though you got some good stuff in there.
  14. J_HUI Photography

    Yeah 60D body from Ebay cost just over 1K, with US warranty. Every time I pick it up it puts a massive smile on my face. Glad I didn't cheap out and buy the 600D very worth it. But the layout and the buttons are so different to what I'm use to 1000/550D, So I'll have to learn how to use a camera all over again. As for self timer, of course they do, read the manual silly On the shooting mode/ Drive there is: Single shot, Burst shoot, burst High speed, Timer 2 seconds and the last one is timer 10 seconds/ shutter release. Menu Self explanatory pics On top display (2 sec timer)
  15. J_HUI Photography

    Not much to show for the month unfortunately. Jdmst End of month meet: All the way from Brisbane http://www.flickr.co...57626510934035/ Also did a small shoot for my mates new ride (s15, Sorry about leaving the P plate's on, it was a rushed shoot) Borrowed a 10-22mm for this shot, 11mm on 550D Rigshot And my New toy Color is slightly different, because I used a different light for the light painting. http://www.flickr.co...57626750139992/