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  1. Hi all, Trying to figure out how to use a toggle switch to operate my indicators in my s13. I have removed the stalks off the colum and made a pannel for all my lights startup ect. Any help would be great! Cheers
  2. rb25 into s13

    How did the conversion go? I'm doing the same now. Any one give some info on the wiring??? Please Cheers
  3. Hey guys, Prob a thread out there some where but i can seem to find it... I have a RB20 in my s13 and looking to replace the Rb20 box with a 25 or a Z32. Can someone give me an idea of what needs to be done and what I need to fit the 25 box??? The only reason I say the Z32 box is that I have one at home doin nothin, so if doable i'm keen to fit that. Cheeeeeeeeeerrrrrsssssss!
  4. S13 RB20 with RB25 Gearbox?

    Cheers mate! rounded up most the gear I need for it! What's your thoughts on the crossmember? Elongate the holes maybe, or use a different one. hopefully it mounts as easy as that:)
  5. S13 Wheel size

    Hey guys, Just after some help about the new wheels i want to buy, sorry i'm probably bringing up an old topic but eh, cant find it. The wheels are 17x8.5 +38 front and 17x9.5 +41 rear. Will these fit ok to my s13? I've done the 5 stud conversion all round, will i need to mod the guards to fit these? Cheers Dave
  6. S13 Wheel size

    Cheers for the reply, Thats what the sizes say on the add front the rims so im guessing there rite, Probly be running 235 45 on the front and 245 45 on the rear