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  1. Garage space

    Hey, I'm looking at swapping an engine in my BMW but live in apartment. I was wondering if anyone knew of somewhere that hired garage space that allowed for me to do an engine swap? Or does someone have some garage space I could rent off them? I'm in Belconnen so somewhere near by would be nice but not essential.. Thanks blake
  2. 03 vy SS ute

    Hey, So i've got a pretty stock hothouse green Manual 2003 VY ss ute Engine: LS1 180xxxkms 'Cold Air intake' Cat back exhaust Drivetrain: Stock gearbox New clutch & flywheel kit Replaced about 2-3000k ago New slave cylinder Suspension: Super low springs and shocks Wheels: Black 20x9 Kings wheels Interior: Touch screen head unit 2x12" subs in custom box Pioneer amp Speakers in custom box on rear shelf Body is in OK condition. There's a few spots where the clear is coming off, the front bumper has scrapes and there's a small dint in the tailgate Located in Canberra I'm wanting $9000. Car has just past rego check and has had 6 months NSW rego put on it. Would also consider a swap for s13 s14 or something I can drift I'm currently in the US until the end of June so car won't be available until then Thanks Blake

    hey im looking for a stock s15 muffler thanks blake
  4. Hi I have a set of 4 ROH wheels with Kumho tyres that are next to new. Rims are 18x8 5x114.3. Coming off my S15. Rims have pretty bad gutter rash on all of them. I have the stuff to fix them and repaint them i just haven't got around to it. I will be hopefully repairing them soon if I get a chance. Looking at swapping for a set of stock S15 wheels or R32 stock wheels with good tyres or similar. Thanks Blake
  5. WTB Bare sr20det block

    Haha mmmmm abit far away..... Maybe I should specify that I'm willing to drive a couple of hundred km to pick up... I'd take if you were willing to post it???????
  6. WTB Bare sr20det block

    Hey im looking for a bare sr20det block that would suit a rebuild. I dont need any other pats just the block Im located in Canberra but happy to drive to pick it up Thanks Blake

    Hey im looking for a bare sr20det block. I need something that will suit a rebuild. Thanks Blak
  8. Clutch Install

    I had my clutch replaced today at National Automotive! Gus is a legend and got the work done quickly! I highly recommend him
  9. Thanks Varvs. So its probably time to purchase myself a Dynamco remote to disable the immobiliser and hope thats my problem
  10. This looks like the kind of system in my car http://www.dynamco.com.au/products_preview.php?model=S75C
  11. Hey, my battery went completely dead recently so I took it out of the car and charged it. It was out of the car for a few days. Now that it has been put back in the car turns over fine but wont fire. I am thinking that the immobiliser is stopping the car from starting. I dont have a fob I have always just used my key. Does pressing the button on the fob turn off the immobiliser or is something else going on? Ive checked fuses, fuel pump, charge, spark plugs and everything else i can think off that is stopping the car from starting. The car is pretty much standard adm S15 Any help would be greatly appriciated Thanks Blake
  12. Clutch Install

    I've done one before but don't have the space to do it anymore. Apartment living sucks.....
  13. Clutch Install

    Hey, I've got a S15 that needs its clutch replaced. I've brought the clutch and SMF and I'm looking for somewhere to get it installed that isn't going to cost me a fortune. I was quoted $750 which I thought was abit much.... Any suggestions on a decent workshop that won't charge a fortune? Thanks Blake
  14. WTB: S15 Exhaust

    Sorry im in Canberra
  15. WTB: S15 Exhaust

    Hey, so i'm looking for a used but decent condition S15 turbo back or cat back after market exhaust. Doesn't have to be in great condition just needs to not have any holes etc. Thanks Blake