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  1. for sale thread

    so whats their details, lets get this show on the road.
  2. mmmm.. il take another look at it on thursday i suppose.. IVe got a spare s13 in the paddock next door im looking to sell, i might swap some bits over with that one.
  3. my s13 would bring the door ajar light on every time i cornered right. the switch on the door is not faulty cos it works if i do it by hand, somethings worn out somewhere, so i stacked a rubber pad on the door and now it holds it in enough to stay off.
  4. n/a TALK <<

    trust fund baby! reminds me of the line on entourage.
  5. for sale thread

    how much of a cotributoion? how about my Company Contributes a few Giveaways?
  6. for sale thread

    hey all. new to these forums, im trying to place a for sale thread as i have a s13 blue over gray im parting out but it says i need to make 100 posts before i can do it or somthing.. is this being serious? if i didnt need to sel id probably not post up in here.. as i jump on for parts or tech help. im not much of a net person. ive got a fantastic sales history on the R31 site. and im a founding member of Classic Skylines Australia... i recon im worthy enough to post up a for sale thread.. what should i do? also i can look at the Wanted to Buy thread. unles i sneak in via google while im not logged in.
  7. hey all.. new to Silvia stuff, been a long time skyline man.. but i like the small and humbleness of it all. anyway,, calling out to anyone in Easern burbs of Melbourne.. whos up for shooting hoops somewhere local in burwood, meet up talk cars play ball.. you know.. goto get back into health again.. to many years of in activity has taken an extra 10 kilos toll.. and i wanna shred it off. so hit me up if your game.. andy
  8. DJs: Post your latest and greatest mix here.

    hey yoww.. new to the forumss. but here is a few mixes + a mash up i did in 05 that got played out by Booka Shade. ! the Soundcloud i play House in the Funky JAckin' and lounge .. dabling in soulful an deep on occasion.. Tune into my show on Kiss FM every Tuesday night 11:30pm till 3am... peace. Andy Christou
  9. need advice on stripping a car

    in that case still call me i goto come chek out the suspension situation. Umai Naa!! nice sunnies..
  10. need advice on stripping a car

    dude, chek you inbox, call me. i may be able to help you out with this whole project. spaciba!
  11. Boys and their Hair

    good to see some ladies with good cars. cos those flowered up VW bettles are just a klenex away from a long cry and a hug. I go for the Vin Diesel look.. tan, shaved, sometimes stubble.. this messy american notted rock start hair,, and to the boys rooster top does my Ca block in all the time. Tight black jeans? with the bottoms turned up 5 inches? wtf... go to a seamstress and sort that shit out fellas.. have some class. i like girl with eyebrow level fringes.. and ponytales... mmm watermelon icecream gelati.. opp offtrack.. Check ya later.. AC