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  1. Wierd starting up problems 180sx

    i dont get how it can work then not work then work for a bit then stop working all together.. still no harm in checking anyway. Ive just been too busy and still havent had the chance to look at it since. Thanks
  2. Wierd starting up problems 180sx

    Ye it does n imobilizer.. That cant b it could it?
  3. Wierd starting up problems 180sx

    Well that could explain my ignition prob, i was trying to check those relays, they wouldnt move but i might of jiggled them out to lose contact.. Ill have to check that wen i have time. If thats solves te problem with starting up, do u have any idea why my fuel pump isnt working? Thanks
  4. Not sure if this is the right place to post.. My car is a 1996 180sx type x and has been off the road for about a year, but during that year i started it every so often, drove it abit just up and down my street, everything seemed fine. Now that i am trying to get it back onto the road, i changed sparks, oil, oil + fuel filter and gave it new fuel. So i drove my car to the mech to get a rwc, few hrs later get a call that he cant start the car, he said the fuel pump shit itself, he said he can order a replacement which i said yes bcoz i cbf fixing it i just wanted him to finish the rwc. He replaced the pump did the rwc told me needed few things to fix. atm i am trying to fix those things one of which i needed to go to a panel beater for a structual report which i did, drove there fine, after it was all done time to leave, when i tried to start it, it wouldnt work, fuel pump didnt prime, kept trying and trying and eventually got it started after that drove it to a mates place to work on it. When it came time to leave the fuel pump didnt prime again i couldnt get it started at all anymore so its stuck at my friends place. After checking all wiring, fuses and relays everything seems fine. I noticed that there is relays behind the fuel box on the drivers side kick panel, but i couldnt get them out to test, there is 4 of them, what are these for? With the fuel pump wiring i used a multimeter and im getting power from the yellow/green stripe and soild yellow wire, but im not gettin power from the white/purple stripe wire. So i hooked a power source straight from batt to pump onto the white/purple wire and pumps fine, i made a switch onto the wire to turn on and off the fuel pump as a temp fix so i can drive it home, tried starting the car with the fuel pump on, but still nothing, it cranks over but doesnt doesnt start. Took a coilpack out, put a spark plug in and grounded it (not sure if we grounded it properly), tried starting it, couldnt see a spark. Idk what to do next. im stuck Any help would be appreciated as i just want my car to be on the road again... Sorry if its too long to read, just thought details would be nessecary. Im still learning cars so im a bit noob lol.. Thanks
  5. bad alternator?

    100% agree, bet my balls the battery is f**ked LOL looks like u loose ur balls bro.. Everytime i turn the car on, my fuel pump would b struggling so i checked the fuse box and pushed all the fuses in and that seemed to have fixed the problem. The only thing is it keeps getting loose so i have to keep popin the hood up n pushin all the fuses back down Thanks for the help
  6. bad alternator?

    I forgot to mention engine isnt running when i tested.. but when it is, it reads around 13-14 on volt gauge as well as multimeter.. Battery is same size as my old one and is newer.. all connections/grounds seem tight.. I also unclipped the brake light switch and everything works fine but now found out the same prob happens when i open 1 window but it doesnt switch off the headunit but if i press both windows down then headunit switches off..
  7. bad alternator?

    Ok ive been doing some tests wit a multimeter and I put it on a power source and ground and it reads 12.4 but when i press the brakes it reads 10.2 and stays like that till i release.. Any ideas?
  8. bad alternator?

    LOL umm no one that i know is with nrma.. any other ideas?
  9. My friend was draining my battery in my car few weeks back, listening to music (got a sub n amp) while we were working on my car. He got it to a point where the bass would cut out the power (volt gauge was prob 8-10) so i turned the car off and when we finished working with my car i needed to jump it coz it wouldnt start, then i drove it home.. Next day needed a jump again so instead put in another battery and now when i turn my car to on my fuel pump sounds like its struggling to gain power and volt gauge stutters up to about 10-11 . When I drive my car and i press the brakes my gauges will dim or my volt gauge would reset, so it would drop to 0 then go back to 14 and my music will cut out, the headunit will sometimes be on or sometimes switch off but then goes back on. Any ideas what this could be?? Also another problem which is starting to happen more frequently is when the car stalls or is turned off my back wiper will go down and up then stops n it happens randomly.. any ideas? Thanks ohh car is a 1996 180sx type x sr20det if that helps lol