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  1. What does this do?

    wastegate needs pressure (boost) to open, the wastegate will have a 7-8psi spring, as soon as there is 8psi the wastegate opens.
  2. could it be the god chick is just hinting that too you to see if your not just in it for the sex? then maybe after 3 months she will give it up once you're "inlove" and not "in it for the sex"
  3. if it happens....welcome to china f**k heads. I've lost all hope
  4. narh biggie, no vacume leaks; there is a thread on this site for people to post there vacume on idle and mines around -20psi. unless its somewhere else that i cant see! I'll gi've them a go. And thanks S14_lee, but every other car with a front mount dosnt blow black smoke on boost, im going to try and fix a problem not patch it with a nistune.
  5. sorry guys, I dont think you're seeing the point, they didnt blow smoke from the factory, so I'd like it to return it to that way. So i played around with the tps, put it on .50v car didnt blow any black smoke, however onced warmed up the timing would jump to 32btdc!!! and idle would stay around 1100rpm! put it on .44v (closest to .45 i could get) timing is on 10btdc idle dosnt drop when braking but when idling at taffic lights hovers around 700-550. when it was on .40v the timing was 5btdc I'm going to try another AFM, I've also checked intercooler piping and vacume lines. Damn SRs!
  6. You dont have to have a manual ecu, most people tend to get highrt rpm with a auto ecu? anyways, my timing is at 5degrees BTDC, tps is at .40v . Ive fixed the tps to .44v and my timing is now 10, at .50v my timing was at 32 and wouldnt idle below 1200rpm lol. So she is at .44v and 10btdc, i still think my afm is shot.. but its blowing alot less smoke!
  7. Cleaned the AFM but still no dice, the AFm could be faulty but i'd like to hear what others have done!
  8. How can I get a tune on a stock ecu? edit: sorry what I should have said, I have a stoke ecu which I dont think they can just 'tune' Normally it was running fine but yeah, no idea!
  9. Hey guys, So I've got this problem with my 180sx sr20det manual (converted from auto) I tend to be blowing out abit more then normal black smoke when hitting full boost (7psi)! I know that black smoke = to much fuel, but what would cause the car to have so much black smoke? could my AFM be gone and its maxing out as soon as it has boost? I have that thing that plugs your laptop into the concault port that gives you the voltages for the afm, all i need to know is how I can tell from that its gone, does anyone know this? Any other reasons for so much black smoke? also... my cars idle cant make up its mind! when warm it drops between 850/800-550rpm when dropped, and some times when coming to a stop it may drop below. from what i read it could be the TPS? is this correct? I think mine is sitting at .45v and neeeds to be .5? What else would cause these problems? Mod list: sr20det t28bb 3inch exhuast FMIC. new coilpacks new spark plugs new oxygensensor. Thanks for your help guys!!