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  1. cops at my door....

    Take the plates of your car and they can't check it .... Same as when your car floating a vehicle cops can pull you over and defect cause you have number plates on it with the intent to drive
  2. Custom plates

    i had a customer with BOO81E plates today hahah

    Clint rang me up last night bro :/ I'll keep an ear out
  4. S13 Engine Conversions

    might need to smack the firewall a tad for it to fit and bonnet clearance is at a bare minimum haha Seriously though a VH45DETT build looks pretty good:
  5. Ask rallyee on the forum
  6. Running E85 in S13

    850cc ran 98% on my tune with walbro pump standard lines
  7. Running E85 in S13

    I ran 275kw on 850cc
  8. Dodgy Car dealer

    You have a form 4 it's covered 3 months/5000kms what ever comes first take it back they have to fix it ..... THERES NO COOLING OFF PERIOD UNLESS YOU HAVE FINANCED WITH THE DEALER Motor dealers act 1974- sect 29ca
  9. Dodgy Car dealer

    Cooling off period is only for people that have financed in house If you have a form 4 from the dealer the car must be younger then 10years up to 160000 kms there for still be covered from there warranty
  10. Dodgy Car dealer

    I'm a car dealer if u need a hand man
  11. Whos who in newy

    im in newy