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  1. Check it out guys!!!! https://vimeo.com/48845444
  2. Ca18det wont start RPs13 HELP?!

    battery voltage is 11.3, ground cable does not spark anymore i leaned them up, but when is tart car i ehar a tik sound and then everything loses power... i have to reatach the battery to get power back...
  3. Ca18det wont start RPs13 HELP?!

    thanks forum, its a europe s13 and its labled rps13 and its a ca18det im second owner... I'm checking all your suggestions today, but i did say ive tried with another cars battery...
  4. Ca18det wont start RPs13 HELP?!

    there is power everywhere, lights cd player, never had problems before... fuel pump is priming, fans everything goes on
  5. Ca18det wont start RPs13 HELP?!

    wining *winding i'm sorry about the bad english i'm not a local. starter motor does not ingage. when i trun the switch to start it doesn absoloutly nothing and, on the end of de negative battery cabel it gives out an electrical spark
  6. Ca18det wont start RPs13 HELP?!

    eng cntrl fuse is ok.... forgot to mention i tried a other battery tought that my battery died cause it wont do anything... connected other battey goes to on and everything but doesn not start adn does not wine it gives that spark on the end of the ground cabel again... 2 days later that battery died
  7. Ok so after a drifting session the car jsut stalled out and wouldt turn back on, jumpstarting , normal starting just wining but nuthing els.... nextday tried again, the switch to sart it keeps only wining after i realease the key it keeps on wining without me wining it.. next day it wouldt even do anything.... batery negative on body gives out a spark when i try to start. so i went under the hood i saw a smal water leakage onto my alternator... dunno if this caused the problem... i'm asking to know what this could be before i change the alternator and it fries it also... maybe an alternator shortag because of the water? starter issues?

    Hi forum, ok thsi might be prolly a stupid question but witch head is better? the 4 port head or 8port head?
  9. S13 front bar

    i need it fir rps13 hatchback not silvia
  10. S13 front bar

    ani links on this bar? online shop?
  11. S13 front bar

    what kit is this? and where is it available? http://a2.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/291921_10150266667342665_509267664_7812587_5036654_n.jpg
  12. HD DRIFT FILM - KoralTabak Ep.1 "Curacao"

    well dude its a abandoned cart track cant get much outta it its all we have on this little island adn that driftworks thing... aint my car XD
  13. HD DRIFT FILM "Curacao" Teaser

    So its here forum