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  1. **Spotted Thread**

    Changing lanes makes you a hoon? I am re-assured as to why I dont frequent this forum as often....
  2. **Lounge Area**

    No haters here Pete.... For someone who has been through multiple sets of wheels, I own a set of Rotas and considering selling my Rays for another set of Rotas on the street. The BYP boys run this on their street/track Evo 8 which lays down 1.41 at EC
  3. **Lounge Area**

    Pete, order that size in black grids, Get some 235/45/17 all round and would look a treat. Im thinking to hit track July as Ive had the track itch after Evo Nats over the weekend. You keen ?
  4. **Lounge Area**

    Pete, they are definitely lighter than my 57d's which are 18x9.5 all round. The Rotas run 255/40/17's all round so they grip up really well as tested on the street. Will be having an outing in them at Wakefield probably in July but one of the other guys Jimmy who has the BYP Evo runs Rotas all round. He has one of the quickest street Evo's in the country and they seem to work well for him
  5. **Lounge Area**

    Pete, I run Rota Grids in 17x9 +25 all round for my track wheels. Great wheel, clears the brembos and looks pretty good. I dont see anyone anymore but that doesnt bother me
  6. Fitting car alarm

    Daniel is still in business as far as Im aware. Does a goods job as he has done a few of my cars now
  7. My S15 Build - Vertex Ridge

    Daveo, one tough rig! By far the styling is Grade A! Must be a nightmare on speed bumps, lol
  8. Another plug for unigroup. Use him many times back when I use to drive S15's and Skylines. Go down and have a chat with Yavuz, but dont expect him to get you a magic number. What you will walk away with is a car that starts and runs great, great on fuel economy, and great smooth power delivery, in other words, a very driveable car, almost as if it were a factory ECU. When I sold my S15 on here, the guy picked it up from Sydney, drove home to the Gold Coast. Got hom on 1.5 tanks of 98 and the car had 6spd, 4.3 final drive and 1.2bar of boost so you also get good fuel economy

    RSR 255/40/17 x 4 shipped to NSW 2208
  10. Wound back kms?

    Hey dude, thought you were going V35? Anyhow, there is a good S15 on JDMST for the same price. White, with tonnes more fruit i.e. 2871r
  11. A few products in

    Seats look like a really good copy. As you mentioned, they are 99.9% identical. What are the differences between this and the genuine product other than the price tag? Looks really good!
  12. **Spotted Thread**

    ^ Seen that same car lots down in Cronulla, parks in the Mall all the time. Spotted Kidynamite yesterday on the Princess Hwy around Sylvania... Was the white evo behind you
  13. Dave @ East Coast Suspension in Taren Point
  14. **Lounge Area**

    Getting too old James, hehe Sidd, pricetag is a factor just remember how much you pay for a 37 compared to a 35. I still like the 35, 37 is just the newest.
  15. **Lounge Area**

    ^ James, what are you buying if your selling the 7? That wasn't long