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  1. 1997 Nissan 180sx - $7,000

    Make : NISSAN 180SX Transmission : Manual Kilometres : 127 Price : $7,000 Condition : Used 1997 type x sil80 for sale. Bought this car with lots of plans in my mind. But no longer having time to work on her. Mostly used this as my weekender. But now i got my work van so not getting used at all. Always serviced her on time and it never let me down. Goes pretty hard. If you are planing to put your hard earned coins on a track car this might be for you. Car still has rego on it until september 2013. But needs a bit of work done to get the roady done. Body is pretty straight. But paint is bit flaky.
  2. battery going dead

    My 5 months old repco battery does the same too. My sil80 used to be my daily so it was driven everyday until last August. But since then it became my weekender and sometimes doesnt get to drive it at all. Few weeks ago i found out that if i leave the car for 2-3 weeks without driving,it would drain the battery itself. What i do is disconnect the battery terminals if im not gonna use the car for a while. I know thats just a bandage but does the job for me.
  3. its just unbelievable the way that people are arguing over a religion. i don't believe in any of those luckily. But to be honest i have learned lots of things from Buddhism. May be because it has the most logical and scientifically proven facts in it. Actually i happened to read this on internet a while ago which is actually awesome. It is something that Buddha predicted about the future of human being and universe. Just give it a quick read if you like. Just throwing my 2 cents.
  4. Club-House mix. Free download

    thank you shudav see this on last friday
  5. type x does not have a different light for a CEL. cat temp sensor light does the job of both. even thought this consult thingy only throws code number 55
  6. it wont rev more than 2500rpm. when i turn the car off and on it works ok for another 5 mins and go back to the limp mode.
  7. hey guys.. i had my car in limp mode for almost 6 months. Tried everything to get rid of it such as changing 3 AFMs, ecu etc.. But few days ago i happend to drive over a big water puddle and all of a sudden check engine light went off and car wasnt in the limp mode anymore for few days. Then i sat the car in the driveway for a week and started it on last friday and the check engine light was on again and car was in limp mode too. So i deliberatley drove the car over another water puddle and the check engine light went off. can somebody tell me if there are any sensors under the sr20det motor? or something that could cause this issue?? SR20DET gurus pleas shed some light on this issue.. thanks in advance Car details 180sx type x 1997 sr20det
  8. 180SX V's VR Commodore?

    ha ha go for it mate. i have killed 3 R8 clubsports so far as they had no hope of catching me.. mine is stock apart from hi flowed turbo and injectors..
  9. car wont run

    did you check your o2 sensor?

    is he on here? i see him on everyday and everywhere all over s.e burbs

    spotted white s14 with treyes plates on foster road around 9am . tough ride man
  12. limp mode question (yes again)

    fuel pump doesn't show any bad symptoms though except a tiny miss on a cold start. but that is all. But if its the fuel pump shouldn't it be doing all the time?? I guess it has to be with one of the sensors since it resets every time i turn off the car and turn on back again. ill upload a pick of the damaged wire of the afm plug on tomorrow. Also i tried with datascan and ecu talk. one said nothing and the other kept throwing code 55. But the person who scanned it didn't seem to have much of experience or knowledge about what he was doing. Thanks
  13. limp mode question (yes again)

    i already did a continuity test too. So i found two pins beeping which im assuming the signal wire and the power wire? i got 3 wires coming out of the afm which are white=signal wire, black and white=power wire? black wire= ground?? cheers for being very helpful
  14. limp mode question (yes again)

    Yea I checked using the consult port. But it only threw code 55. I did a connectivity test and the results were ok. How do you check the voltage of the afm using a multimeter?
  15. limp mode question (yes again)

    but what puzzling me out is when i changed the ecu with another one, this limp mode issue didnt appear for the whole day, but on next day it came back as usual.. is that cause the new ecu was learning and took its time to decide???