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  1. Daily+Track Onevia

    also my favourite ever achievement is me Microsoft Word photoshopping this photo of my Silvia for my 21st invitations
  2. Daily+Track Onevia

    Thought I might post in here whilst I'm procrastinating Uni work/procrastinating sorting my life out which has become a big whirlpool of bullshit :') but hopefully turning the tragedies into disguised blessings. Car now has roll centre correction gear up front (the GKTECH kits) so bulk lock and awesome roll centres. Handles so super flat. Have been doing a lot of motorsport, if you can facebook link videos on here I will. Slipped the f**k out of the clutch at a drift prac so it needs replacing (car is still taking daily duties like a champ though)/ then Did a 1:23.2 at Mallala in my first session (only timed one session) on bald street tyres before I actually learnt the track (was doing the typical nüb turn in too early. Then Whilst on 50mg of Codeine and 600mg of paracetamol I did a 37.31 at Collingrove on shitty bald street tyres the morning after having my wisdom teeth out. And my brother did a 36.95s pass in it, so the car is doing an excellent job. But gets too hot too quickly at Mallala, diff starts to single on long corners loaded up, and I don't have faith in the clutch not being a piece of shit. Haven't had a job for a while (hence the opening sentence of this post) but just landed something new which will result in my purchasing a -New clutch Want some suggestions on what to get or a thread linky pls, want something under $1000, streetable (something I can drive whilst half asleep/hungover and doesn't require every single piece of focus..... not a twin plate like in my other car), and won't shred gearboxes.... not a twin plate like in my other car of multiple gearboxes -New(?) diff Either a NISMO 2way, maybe GTR (like in my other car) or reshim mine again or just another reshimmed diff -Big f**k off radiator I also whilst at uni today after realizing how badly my car needs rear pods to complete the look, whilst in a Chemistry II lecture got into an eBay bidding war and won an auction on some new pods. Will also be at World Time Attack Challenge this weekend for some inspiration as a car and driver. f**k so much has happened since the last post and now I'm remembering it all Had the car in All Japan Day, bought a fake bride for it, sold it straight away and bought a VELO GP90 - amazing seat love it to death. Type X front, aero side skirts (to replace GP SPORTS), rear pods as mentioned, Did a drift private day (march, improved as a driver), did a Hillclimb (april), did an 'OzGymkhana' (april?) did a drift prac (July first time with 'knuckles') did another Ozgymkhana (previously refered to as a drift prac where the clutch got interesting), Lost my job and partner so did a Mallala private grip day as mentioned, then did another Hillclimb and now we're here. Bloody hell now that I mention it I didn't even have the new wheels last post, Finally sourced some 9j CR KAIS for the back of the car (around AUS DAY) and then bought some REGAMASTERS in June, hope to get rid of the 8j front cr kais coz I hate the non concave shape, will either swap for 9j crkais or put the regas on but have an issue with strut clearance, spacers help but then don't want widebody. Also bought a tonne of other wheels but nothing worth bragging about (just cheap cheap cheap skidders). Yesterday I also swapped a 12" sub that was worth nothing to me for a Do-Luck Monkey brace (inside floor bar) which is a nice piece of wank factor. By next march, hoping for cams and e85, manifold has an issue and needs sealing as the gate flange is probably warped or something and the v band flange thing doesn't push the valve seat up to the valve and resultantly is a pre turbo exhaust leak so when I'm not at uni and now that I'm working less than 4km away from residence (instead of 40) I can take the car off the road and do some cool stuff to it when I'm not as focussed on Uni. Wheel alignment F -4deg camber 1.5 toe 7deg castor (except set differently to resist road pull drainage thing) R 1mm toe, 1 deg camber Cool xo
  3. So just to clear this up what Protius is saying is correct. Which is kind of obvious (not having a dig at anyone) as the incadescent rear indicators or interior arrow ones didn't work. As the relay being in the wrong configuration acted as an open circuit and no current could flow past it and go to ANY globes. If the polarity of the LED fronts were changed (rotate globe 180deg) this wouldn't change as there would still be no current going to them. Regardless... I really miss the ticking sound
  4. Oh okay my bad Varvs - I straight up hate automotive wiring so don't know too much and misinterpreted what you meant in your original comment! Cheers for your help everyone. All I did was make some little lines up crossing the plug over so that the + -> + and - -> - and turns out the relay works perfectly and everything's sweet, Only thing I don't like is that the new relay is infinitely quiet..... I kind of like the tick tock of indicators haha Thanks all!
  5. So I put the stock relay and led flasher next to each other and the positive and negative are in the opposite positions so I'll probably just run some wires between the plug and relay crossing them over so that the positive and negative meet up and then it'll be sweet...hopefully I don't reckon swapping the LED polarity suggestion would work as if it were that, the rears would still function.
  6. Hi team, So I've recently gone and put a type x front on my onevia. I decided that I wouldn't track down a pair of proper type x indicators but instead run the indicators through the parkers and just not run parkers. The only suitable globe I could apparently use is an LED globe as there wouldn't be anything else small yet bright enough to fit inside the Type X parker. So I went and got some Amber coloured LEDs to put into the parkers being told by the store owner (also called NARVA to make sure) that these were a special LED that would use extra power than a regular LED, so that it would use the same amount of power as a regular globe, therefore the indicators would flash at the same rate and not hyperflash (flash super fast like when and indicator is blown). After buying these $40 indicator LEDs (ouch) and put them in, all the indicators hyperflashed. So we then looked up in the NARVA website that I can buy a LED Flasher (relay) that can be used in the case of LEDs and regular Globes being used in one car. I then went and bought one of these ($40 for a relay) put it in and now the indicators don't turn on. Does anyone have a solution of what flasher relay I should be using for LED front indicators and standard rear indicator globes (and side)? Also thinking, could it just be that the relay is making everything not work because the pins on the new relay are in different positions to the factory one? The relay I'm using is http://www.narva.com.au/products/browse/led-electronic part number 68245BL To sum up Converted front to type X onevia from SR front onevia Using LED front indicators as can't fit incandescent globes in LED globes don't draw enough current resulting in hyperflashing (even though NARVA said they wouldn't do this 'cause they're special) Bought a LED Flasher relay linked above, used when having a combination of LED and regular indicators (Still have standard rear) Indicators don't work at all with new relay Thankyou!
  7. Hi team, I'll try and be as descriptive as possible with this. I have a redtop s13 with a Stainless low mount HKS Manifold modded to run an external gate. A Turbosmart HyperGate45 - 45mm external gate, one of the ones that uses the studs to hold the top together not the locking collar, I believe it's the older model as well. A GReddy T517z with internal gate welded shut, 16psi with an A'Pexi AVCR. Set up has been on for two months, head was restudded, all gaskets in the area were replaced, not bolts/studs are missing at all. The external gate is leaking quite badly. The leak is where the valve meets the valve seat (i believe it's called) /the seat that the valve seals up against, sits inside the housing of the gate at the point where it connects up to the manifold/. Are these seats meant to be pressed/hammered/forced into their position, or should they be pretty loose. As mine barely stays in it's position. When placed in a position where it will seal up with the valve it can then be almost removed with bare hands/moved enough with bare hands that it leaves 3mm of gap. Does anyone have any advice on how I can go about fixing this issue? Should I buy a new seat from turbosmart ($50) or is this not causing the issue? If I assume correctly, the seat should have to hammered/pressed/forced in however mine can be pushed in by hand (I'm no hulk.... I weigh about 60kg). As a result I'd assume that my seat is somehow to skinny and hence can slot in and out with ease (unless it's meant to be like that). Thankyou for any input. Can supply any photos if needed, I just currently don't have any.
  8. Daily+Track Onevia

    Feeling the gearbox is on the way out, it's getting quite vocal about doing it's job. Might put a 25box is but unsure at this stage. Have a full radiator silicon hose kit to replace every coolant hose in the car, I just want everything to be super reliable. Did a new years skid. Celebs putting the video on youtube but here's a photo. Also a photo from the drift prac last month, and finally bought some factory non gay mirrors earlier to day which will go on tomorrow. And put some semi slicks on the back of the car too
  9. MILLERS 180SX

    cannot comprehend how gorgeous the thing is man, seeing it on NYE whilst I was at work the thing looks incredible, whilst I don't really give a f**k how mine looks, I'd love it to look as good as yours! Hope you had a good nye
  10. Daily+Track Onevia

    Want to buy a bigger sump, are the GKTech ones worth it or am I better off going Tomei. If the GKt is up to standard I'd much rather go with that to save a few hundred dollars tbh. If anyone thinks they're shit please share your experiences
  11. Make and model: SR20DET Size of engine: 1998cc or whatever it is stock haha Modifications to the car: Trust T517z modded for external gate, HKS low mount SS manifold, Turbosmart 45mm External gate, FMIC, Nismo 740s, Walbro fuel pump (forgot what it's called but the really basic upgrade one 255 or something?), screamer pipe, 3"dump/front/zorst. Stock 23 year old motor non rebuilt as far as I know Type of turbo: Trust T517z - 8cm rear housing Trim of turbo: Rear Exhaust housing: When does vehicle begin boost: Towards 3000rpm When does vehicle reach full boost and what PSI: 3800rpm (not certain on that, will double check both figures if anyone wants) Does the vehicle have Cams? if so; no (stock) What brand: What lift/duration etc: Max power achieve at what boost: 204kw on 16psi on the Jaustech dyno which apparently under-reads.
  12. Daily+Track Onevia

    And Jaustech literally just called to let me know it all went sweet. Made 204rwkw and that their dyno has been reading 10-15kw lower than it should be. Either way it's an arbitrary number. So keen to go pick it up tomorrow!
  13. Daily+Track Onevia

    Cheers man appreciate it! haha shit yeah I've still got them, will text you now about them even though I'm a good month after you posted that! Did another Drift day at Tailem and really found my feet. Improved so much! Had the front of the car properly set up too. Took the s14 rack ends out and put in r32 ones and then good finally get a decent wheel alignment. Kept it pretty conservative as this car is also a daily and work is a 70km round trip so gave it -2deg camber, 1mm toe and 7deg castor. Car went perfectly all day, popped three tyres. Driving technique isn't too flash which became obvious when I chewed through a pair of front tyres. I think I'm using too much steering input and not enough throttle control to steer the car. But had so much fun which is what I'm there for! Blew the turbo/mani gasket on the day which gave me a good opportunity to pull the whole turbo side off, put on the new manifold, gate, turbo, currently has a screamer pipe straight off the gate. Also bought an A'Pexi EBC for it, wasn't keen on getting one, wuld have much prefered a GReddy Profec but there were none for sale and my mate had the apexi so ended up buying it.... finished wiring it in and then two people post up a GReddy for sale :/ Car is currently being tuned at the moment by Jaustech. Just using a nisstune for the obvious financial restraints. Kind of worried with how it'll go (I get anxious about literally everything) but mainly as the gate opens at about 7psi and doubtful the boost controller will be able to make up for the massive difference (in saying that, I haven't at all looked into how this ebc works) and the gate also wasn't quite sealing. Assuming things go okay I'll post results tomorrow if I remember to log on! Video from the other weekend http://youtu.be/z6BQJFwU16k