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  1. SR Parts!

    Hey Taark, need to swap out a S15 turbo. Do you have a kit for this? Need it posted to Vic...
  2. Ok firstly, it would have been much more prefered if you could have called me directly like you said you would. Secondly my sole reason to post this here was to see if I was being unreasonable and it is clear I've made every effort to keep you anonymous. Ok - the date that I supposedly had backed out was NOT due to lack of funds. Not to blow my own horn, money was never an issue. Just would have been more comfortable to pay a week later. All my text conversations can support this. I asked unless you can sort out the finance owing, your response was as follows... "Well theres not much more i can do,will just get it fixed myself and rego it, considering the other people who wanted it 2 weeks ago probably dont know, and yeah i'll give you your money back when i try and get my 3k deposit back i payed for my new car i was meant to pick up this week aswell" There's more to follow but its clear that you could not sort out finance. I thought I was being reasonable by only want LESS than half the deposit back for matter of principal but obviously you have a different idea. I would really like to sort this offline, please call me back. At no point do I believe I was unreasonable about the whole thing.
  3. He's on this forum so all of the above options aren't and wouldn't be options. I just need to know if I'm being unreasonable in any way which clearly does not seem to be the case so far... Thanks for the input otherwise
  4. Long story short - went to check out a car. While negotiating final price etc, I found from the Vicroads website that there is finance owing on the car. The owner said he'll clear it up with Vicroads and that there's nothing to worry about. Cool - paid deposit, got a written receipt and I wait for the news it's all been sorted. Fast forward a couple of weeks, I ask what's happening. The owner says he's been busy with personal issues which I sympathise with and with the information he has, follow up with a VIP package from Vicroads which he advises he'll pay for then follow up the rest. I keep in contact with the owner but as I dig deeper, finding out where this finance is owed is impossible due to privacy laws with finance companies. We eventually reach a point where I tell him, if he can't sort out the finance as agreed - I want my deposit back. He reluctantly agrees but says he doesn't have any money now due to personal issues. I tell him its fine and to keep in touch when his business hopefully brings some money in a months time. Fast forward again to a month, no contact. I send smses with no response. Give it another week, I send another sms - no response. I call and basically cop an earful and also find out he's sold the car to somebody else so surely he'd have money right ($200+$30 odd)? Wrong. He argues saying the deposit was forfeited. I argue that not completing the finance issue to resolution means he has no right to that deposit being forfeited. Cause who in the right mind would purchase a car under finance in risk of it being repossessed?? Sick of arguing - I tell him just to give me $100 back. He agrees and I ask if I will need to follow up again, he says he'll get it together. Fast forward 2 weeks and not a word... Thoughts? For principal of the matter and knowing he has car parts lying about from his business that can reclaim $100 easy... I'm getting over trying to reason.
  5. any original ns.coms still here?

    '02 here... woo...
  6. I used these pads on my S14... held up well! Similar in pad feel to Ferrodo DS2500s but without the hefty price tag
  7. I hope they have a search warrant.
  8. That's bad but there's worse around Springvale/Noble Park...
  9. Motorsport Goals for 09"

    I did a 1:59 end of last year in the formula ford, was only my 2nd drive of that car , and it was worlds apart from the s14. Ill be using the FF all this year whenever i can ! 1:22 at sandown is insane! 1:35 is insane! What are you driving?
  10. Just like to say how great these pads are for the price Check SAU for more testimonials!
  11. Motorsport Goals for 09"

    Crack sub 1:45 at Winton and sub 2:00 at PI Oh and finally visit Sandown...
  12. Insurance

    Just Cars ftl. Wanted to inspect my Onevia because they thought it was a cut and shut job even though I kept telling them it was all bolt on panels. I gave up arguing and instead - rang up Shannons for a quote - they knew what was going on and I ended up getting a better rate anyway. Idiots.
  13. Vic four wheel drivers

    I hear Toorak is a good track. (Bad joke)
  14. The guy in West Melb/Footscray does good work - my Onevia had the tint done by him and I was very happy with it. Exceptional value for money... nice guy too Just be careful of his driveway on the way out
  15. RICERS!

    1. NASCAR ftl regardless. 2. Those vans are still moronic, who cares what they are "officially" called. 3. You actually like that 86?