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  1. Local PARTS for sale

    Hey guys, I have a few parts left over from my S13 that I want to get rid of. 1. CA lip. Fibreglass, less than 1 year old, currently painted black - $150 2. S13 R200 viscous LSD diff. S15 rear cover, 6 bolt. 4.11 ratio (from memory) - $150 3. Full set of S13 Suspension. KYB excel g struts with low and superlow springs (car sat even all around). Good condition and no leaks/knocks. - $200 4. Stock non-turbo brakes in good condition - $20 5. Boost gauge. Autometer, barely used - $50 6. Cd headunit - $30 6. Stock front castor arms - $10
  2. Local PARTS for sale

    Sure is mate, has around 180,000kms on it but was always very quiet and looks in good condition. Does need a shim though.
  3. Local CARS for sale

    Looking at selling my NA S13 again, if you are interested flip me a pm. Can work out a deal for it basically stock or with various parts.
  4. Local PARTS for sale

    All the parts below are to suit S13, please note most things are still installed on the car. Prices are all negotiable. 1. S13 R200 diff. S15 rear cover, 6 bolt. 4.11 ratio (from memory) $150 2. Boost gauge. Autometer silver face, barely used $50 3. Cd headunit $40 4. Exhaust, cat back to suit NA. 3 inch to twin stainless rear mufflers. Looks pretty cool, needs a small weld job. $100 5. GKtech castor arms. $150 6. BC BR coilovers. $750 7. GKtech rear camber arms, billet. $170 8. CA lip, fibreglass. $160 9. Nismo strut braces, f&r. $150 10. Boss kit. $40 11. SR20DE calipers and disks. $100? 12. SSR formula mesh, pair, 15 x 7 (or 7.5) +25, with federal RSRs. 13. Southern Way mesh, pair, 15 x 7 +10, federal RSRs. Not too keen on selling the wheels just yet unless you offer an ok price. I think thats basically it. Or if anyones keen they can buy all that stuff installed on my SR20DE manual Silvia :-P
  5. Wheels, Tyres and suspension needed

    Wheels: 17inch wheels should suit your car, and since 15's were available from factory (on other variants) 2 inchs up will be fine. Rotas and XXR's are fine, cheap and cast but fine as long as they are treated normally. There are plenty of places to buy them online for a better deal than ozzy etc. Tyres: In regards to grip, the biggest factor will always be tyre design. Buying a good quality tyre in whatever size you need will always put you in good stead. Think federal 595 range, bridgestone potenza's, kumho ku31, and others in michelin/dunlop etc. Width does not always equal grip either, especially in wet conditions as the tyre has to expel the water from the centre of the contact patch. This is one of the reasons why a car can be over-tyred, that is, wider tyres than it really needs. Even in dry conditions having a super wide tyre can be detrimental to handling. For a car like yours, a 225 section tyre should be heaps. Personally I like having same size tyres (and brand/model for that matter) on each corner to keep the car well balanced.
  6. Oval Exhaust System

    Sup. I reckon oval pipe will flow slightly less than a round tube. The reason I think this is because of the boundary layer of gas that will adhere to the inner pipe wall surface. As fluid flows through a pipe there is velocity profile across the cross section of the diameter, with higher velocity in the center and slower flow along the wall (since the surface isn't perfectly smooth/frictionless). Boundary layers tend to grow outwards from the pipe wall, and the distance from the wall will correspond to a velocity for a given fluid at a certain temperature. By changing the geometry you are reducing the area for faster moving gas to flow. You could think of it as the internal friction increasing in the exhaust in a way..
  7. Local PARTS for sale

    Yes still got them
  8. Another eBay welder thread

    Since it seems like you have common sense I'm sure it'll be fine for what you want. Obviously it wont be as awesome as an AC/DC machine with a foot pedal. Another con is that welding parts in/onto your silvia would be difficult. I've been looking into buying a cheap TIG and this is the unit I settled on (but probably wont buy just yet). I reckon go for it!! And put some pics up of the welds you're doing with it
  9. Local CARS for sale

    S13 SR20 de. Manual LSD HUD BC gold coilovers DET brake upgrade w/bendix ultimates Sunroof Nismo strut braces f & r CA lip Can come with an exhaust S15 seats Camber arms Castor arms New windscreen 12 months ago Bricks GTR slat grill Digital climate control Tints Alarm & immobiliser Good, non-shagged body $5500
  10. Local PARTS for sale

    1. S13 dash. Suit HUD, about 5 million cracks $FREE (prob going in some randoms skip bin) 2. S13 Brick headlights. Heaps good condish $350 3. S13 R200 diff. S15 rear cover, 6 bolt. 4.11 ratio (from memory) $150 4. Boost gauge. Autometer, barely used $50 5. Cd headunit $40 6. S13 Silvia, $More than you can afford, pal. See cars f/s thread
  11. How strict are the cops about speeding here?

    Fairly similar to NSW cops. Don't do retarded stuff, and don't be a dick when they pull you over and they will treat you fairly.
  12. Local CARS for sale

    Correct, or I should say, have upgraded, & want to give this to a deserving new owner
  13. Local CARS for sale

    Hey everyone, I'm selling my Kawasaki Ninja 250r if anyone on here might be interested 2010 model 12500 kms Clean & unmodified Looking for $4600, nego

    Hey, I'm after a couple of things, S13 non-abs boss kit Good condition black bonnet Brake lines from Master to fronts (non abs) + master cyl
  15. Passing Rego.

    They wont pick the difference between a T28 and the standard T25. If it makes you feel better I sold my last car (180sx) with NSW rego and the dude that bought it had to change it to ACT. It had coilovers, adjustable castor arms, strut braces, T28, aftermarket manifold, exhaust with big twin tips (pretty quiet though), Hicas delete, different seats, and a few other things, and it got passed by Dickson the second time after it was rasied and some minor stuff fixed.