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  1. At the moment Im debating whether to install a r32 gtr rear end or r33 and after hours of searching and reading I havent been able to track down a solid answer. Ive heard of one guy doing it (kemp?) but havent been able to track down any info on it. What work is required to get a r33 gtr rear subframe to fit in a s13? Ive read the mounts the same as an s15? If so, the s15->s13 offset bushes should work for r33 shouldnt they? Will swapping over the front housing on the diff to an s13 model negate the need for a custom tailshaft? Will I need to run r32 hubs or any other parts to make r33 components compatible with the silvia knuckles? The reason Im looking into it is because it seems like a more baller alternative to buying diff, hubs, brakes, etc. Plus the larger tailshafts incase I want stupid amounts of power years down the track and I've heard these have improves suspension geometry compared to s13 in relation to grip. Cheers, Vilko.
  2. Is there a reason you didnt go for solid diff mounts? Whats the advantage of the energy racing ones? Also do you plan on ducting the oil cooler, radiator and intercooler?
  3. I dont know what his is, but you can get a bolt in version from URAS.
  4. I love reading this thread. You commented on the angle of the rear wing earlier, just wanted to add that because the air on the boot is flowing on a downward angle (coming off the roof) if you want minimum drag/downforce you should have your wing angled slightly upwards. Obviously if the wing is higher it will get "cleaner" air so the air wont be travelling on such an angle. Pretty sure you already knew that, but I know it was news to me when I heard it a couple of weeks ago.
  5. ChromeKillers x Five

    Unless you want mass poke you wont need a spacer. I was running the equivalent of 8+13 on my old na6 and they were poking a bit. I had to trim off the inner lip of my front bar to stop it from catching lol, but NBs might be a bit different.
  6. ChromeKillers x Five

    Good to see another 5 on here, they're a wicked fun car. What offset are the steelies coming in? If you're interested in turboing it join miataturbo.net. If you post like an idiot they treat you like an idiot, but they have amazing amounts of technical information on everything to do with the cars. Edit: When you're putting the coil overs in and removing the stock fronts coils you are going to have to half undo the front lower wishbone. You wont have enough clearance if you dont.
  7. 350Z/LS1 - For sale/swap

    The lengthened runners will shift the power band lower into the RPM range, which (IIRC) will give you higher peak torque but would also lower your peak power. Due to the larger volume of the plenum+runners I think it should also slightly reduce throttle response. That's the theory for big changes in runner length and plenum design. If it were well manufactured and matched to the manifold I doubt the driver could tell a 15-20mm difference in intake runner length. Im just a beginning to read into this topic though, so someone with more experience might be able to correct me.
  8. Sensible Daily Mx5

    Im looking for an excuse to not work on my cars, so I thought I might make a little build thread for my daily. First off I had my purple sil. But that was taking too long to get on the road because Im shit. So I bought a daily, the cheapest red na6 I could find named Stanley. Slammed it. Put it on Buddyclubs with conversion spacers. And we were the best of friends. Then slammed it into Mac Pass. Im a P-plater, its what we do... So after looking at repairing it and a whole lot of other shit I decided to let it sit in my parents back shed and buy another one. Had a pretty imac interior. And a platypus sticker... Oh, and a roll bar. Then I heard this song and it gave me ideas: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KyAyuZPNo2w Also made a gear knob out of a ping pong ball, cause EVERY GRAM COUNTS! And bought a tiny steering wheel from Japan. At this point put it on a weigh bridge and with all the spare tyre and everything gone came in at 1020kg on full tank of fuel. Dang... For a while I was running no door trims, but that was just making it a bit too obvious. So I got some stainless steel screws, cup washers and some speaker material. Stretched the speaker material over the doors and drilled holes for the screws. Came out pretty good for how little time and effort was put in. I put in a pair of Sparco Evos I had laying around. (Need to take some photos.) How it looks daily: Then these guys gave me an idea... Pretty Imac, came with SSR valve caps as well which made my day. Put on a fibreglass boot, has a bit of a whale tail to it as well. Needs paint. Put on front lip and got the 195 stretched onto the professors. Static strap, the most important mod of all... Line 'em up. Underbonnet I just have a catch can and alloy intake pipe (I accidently broke the stock one...). The intake pipe is meant for some type of commodore but I just trimmed it and made it fit. But there are some big changes lined up to help this thing move. In the meantime I'm looking at getting a diff, bigger brakes, rear camber arms, etc. Maybe some time attack mirrors and front undertray. Just need to save up some coin first. Then, once my silvia is back on the road this is coming off the road and Im stripping a bit more carpet and wiring for stereo and power mirrors, etc and cleaning up the interior a bit. Im going to take the dash out of the old NA6 and chop it up a bit to make the stripped interior look a little bit neater and respray the interior to clean it up. Thats all for now.
  9. Lilac Sil

    Howdy all. After some effective peer pressure here is the beginning of my build thread. Will update with some more current pics tomorrow. Heres a list of the specs: S13, in the manliest colour of all! Manual S14 SR20DE Sunroof (oh the shame...) FleaBay Special Coil overs Nothing else worth mentioning. But here's a list of goals, short and long term: Short- -Get it on the road! -Install Nismo coil overs from the wrecked shell -Wheels (On the way) -5 stud conversion (Have front hubs and arms, just need stuff for the rear) -r33 brake conversion (rotors, hubs, and modified handbrake lines on the way. Will put in braided line and larger master brake cylinder while I'm at it.) -Install CF bonnet (already purchased) -Grab a Varex and have a zorst fabbed up -Install camber and caster rods Medium (Before I get my blacks next year)- -Numerous Chassis reinforcement and braces -Good quality coil overs -Put it on a diet, still not sure how uncomfortable I want to make it though. Long term (After I get my blacks)- -Chuck the red top back in -Lots of crazy ideas for performance and visual modifications, but nothing serious yet. Im sure there will be additions to all of these lists, but in the meantime what I've done so far: I'm currently on my p's and I got a bit bored of driving a 90's something lancer so I figured I would stop mooching off my parents and buy my own car. Looked at all the different options in my budget, inspected a car or 2 and decided a silvia was probably the best bang for buck, and with my brother having a fair bit of experience with them we had acrewed a decent amount of spare parts and experience. I was originally going to grab a stock NA, but I was intending to put in a turbo diff and brakes, dump it on some nice wheels and that would be the extent of the modifications (Ah... how things change). So It seemed putting a non turbo into a turbo shell would be just as easy, and give me the option of buying a 180sx, and the plethora of turbo s13s and s14s with blown or rough motors. So the first thing we needed to buy was an appropriate shell for the conversion to take place, but instead I ended up buying this: (Insert Relevant Picture Here) It started life as a non-turbo CA18, then the CA decided to act its age and burst into flames. So an SR20 from a s14 was dropped in there. Mmm... that sporty vct rattle. But the overwhelming power of the NA proved too much for the previous owner, and it appears a power pole or large tree took his fancy. Best thing about the car, these bad-boys: So we now had a motor, box and leaky storage vessel (aka a damaged shell), all that was needed was a clean shell. As "luck" would have it my brother stumbled across this: Unfortunately the rims didnt come with the car It was originally a 2 tone gold and white, but the classy previous owners decided to respray it in a subtle custom colour of obnoxious lilac. The pictures dont really do it justice. The best way to describe the colour is "How much metallic can we put in this paint before it seriously hampers the aerodynamics of the car?" with a hint of lilac. Not to my taste, but beggers cant be choosers. The dump pipe to the shitty turbo wasnt hooked up, so I will try and build this up while I'm on my p's, if money permits. The interior was the most luxurous shade of brown money could buy. And even included rare cream painted door trims with even RARER factory-optioned fibro and putty speaker surrounds with bunnings spec screws, but these trims were replaced for that stripped back "reduced-aspestos" look you see on all the time attack cars. So after a couple of weekends we had the NA under the bonnet and the manual box in, all without too much trouble. But we were having a little trouble getting it started, it was turning over but not starting. After checking all the loom plugs, wiring , fuel pump, and checking for current running to the spark plugs we hadnt had any luck. We were reluctant to remove the spark plugs because there was quite a lot of gravel and dirt around the plastic surrounds (from when the blue car burrowed underground to reach the pole) and didnt want that getting into the cylinders. But that was the next thing to check and when we did we discoved the floods were also affecting the cylinders. There was a fair bit of water around the spark plug and when we were discussing the easiest and fastest way to get it dry (the max power way) I was stupid enough to suggest we siffen it out. So it was of course my responsibility to suck it for the team. I tried using the only clean bit of hose we had but it was too short to work. So then my brother said "Here. Use this, its only been used for a bit of brake fluid!" If you've ever wondered what brake fluid mixed with old discoloured water taste like... you should invest your time more wisely. So after that the car started first go, funny how no water in the cylinders makes the car run better. After that I got all the black interior from the wrecked shell in and put in my brothers old pair of s14 front seats. I dodgied up the rear parcel tray and put in a thrid brake light for blue slip. Got the digital dash with hud working, "They may look like something out of the future now, but by the year 2000, all cars will have digital displays!" And that's about up to speed. Just need to put in the HICAS lock bar, buy some new tyres and one or 2 other minor things and this thing should be ready for the inspection. I will try to tidy up and update this regulary, and hopefully I can build this into a respectable machine.
  10. Lilac Sil

    Thought I might update this. Its currently levitating in the garage on jack stands. Got the guards rolled by Phil B. Got the front 5 stud on. Just waiting on the knuckle sleeves. Bought some SPL gear. I bought a 32 GTR rear subframe. That photo is actually the stock hicas rear cradle with the diff removed, but you get the point... Took the non-hicas rear subframe out of the parts car. Switched over the rear diff housing. Put in weird bush inserts for rear cradle: Put in cradle and lock rings. Put in rear subframe and diff. Got new bushes put in a fair few of the arms. Switched over all the rear 32 hub and drum brake assembly into the s13 rear knuckles. Turns out the stock arms dont fit because the half shafts are about an inch longer? or something. So Im waiting on the rest of my SPL gear to rock up and hoping I can make the stock traction rods fit... Editted photos in.
  11. reclaiming a new daily

    How did the guards turn out?
  12. Very clean wire tuck, looks good. Curious to see what the outside looks like lol. Just remember, if that 147kw is a factory figure then it is measured from the flywheel, I assume your tuner will be power at the wheels. So even if the graph only says 147kw you should be well above stock.

    On the topic of the short shifter: I hate the idea of cutting and threading, but now I've had a think about it I cant see it being any worse than a "proper" short shiter kit. If my year 8 physics is up to date, a cut shifter with the same throw as a proper short shifter will be the same to shift, just the cut one will have the gear knob sit lower. Plus it is running off all the oem stuff, so it should be more reliable than a cheap ebay kit. The down-side is theres no adjustment. If you thread it properly and find the position and resistance of the shifter comfortable then its fine.
  14. Cool build. For people questioning it a stock motor will put out the power of a non turbo sr and the torque of a stock turbo sr. But I imagine the power would come on a lot earlier in these? Should be good for some fun, and with the price of motors you can just live on the limiter.
  15. Lilac Sil

    So just some small updates, all rego'd and running. Although its not running so smooth at the moment so Im going to get the timing checked soon. In the meantime I've just been installing some little parts and cleaning it up. I've also been putting a bit of time and effort into working on the "daily". I might get around to a mini build thread for that soon. The engine bay isnt worth cleaning up until I can respray it with the motor out, so im focusing on the fiddly little things visible from the outside. I painted a fair few little bits; the wiper arms, headlight surround, window cowling and the centre part of the radiator support. I cleaned up the filthy bonnet release mechanism and bought shiny new bolts to hold it in. I also installed the tower plate and strut brace. But one of the arms on the strut brace fouls on the s14 intake plenum, so that will have to wait for the turbo motor to go in. I also lowered the car a fair bit, but its still on stockies so it looks like shit. I photographed all the before and after pictures and install process and was about to post them all up. But instead, I decided to accidently delete them all from my phone... Ill take a couple of pics and edit them into this post soon. In a couple of weeks Im planning to do 5 stud conversion with a r32 GTR rear end. It will give me everything I need and more. Also should work out cheaper than buying a diff lol. And where can I buy the sleeve for fitting s13 coilovers on s14 knuckles?

    What kind of seats are you putting in it? Just like the majority this isnt really my cup of tea, but its funny how people have to have their say, not just walk away. It seems you're doing things right for what you want. Props for that. And its pretty ironic when people owning silvias are insinuating they are performance cars. There are some impressive FWD circuit cars out there, hopefully this eventually turns into one. Also, u mentioned sunroof on the first page? That sounds like a recipe for rust...
  17. Also, will an s13 sway bar work with the r33 rear subframe?
  18. Cars like Pokemon, Gotta catch em all.

    Engine reminds me of this: http://youtu.be/LOqAamL9xls
  19. Lilac Sil

    After 14 months, NUMBER f**king PLATES!!!
  20. FC Rx7 build - Back to Brisvegas

    Genuine brides? they must have cost some serious coin if they are.
  21. Car sits nice mate. Not my favorite trispokes, but good to see they'r egetting some love. What happened to the silvia front lip? lost in the trade back?
  22. Couldnt he also get a enclosed filter/CAI to do the job? I was disappointed when I saw this car didnt have a cage, and still had aircon, but nice build thread none-the-less
  23. s14a dori project .....Sil80 reshelling

    They are 120.56 from memory. Might be selling to a friend for cheap to get redrilled. Mainly so I know they will be going to a good home and I can still visit them everyday. But if you can garuntee they will be looked after I'm open to offers. Come get it engineered, do a series 1 front end conversion, then rego it. Who's going to pull over a beige camry? Only thing sus about it is that it wont be an indian driving it Also I'm dropping by Ish's tomorrow, want me to bring along the meshies? Message me/him if you're interested. I want to see it in all its 80's inspired glory.
  24. s14a dori project .....Sil80 reshelling

    Looks way better in real life. Shoud look pretty awesome with different rims and the full kit.