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  1. Can not wait for GTA5 and the new RDR.. I will have no life when these come out lol
  2. hyundai excel race series

    I think most would rather spend 9k on a modded S14 or the likes and take that out to lala every chance they can get
  3. greddy easy cams s15

    This is what i'll be using when my S15 arrives http://www.toda-racing.co.jp/en/product/cam/sr20-1.html basically greddy easy cams but made by toda
  4. Adelaide's greatest AB!

    AB's are wild. but feel like a fat kent after lol from what i can remember the usual debate it whether Red and White is better or Blue and White and also who did it first as they both claim they are the original AB creators.. I've mainly gone to Red&White and theyre pretty damn good, when i was young i went to Blue&White once but wasnt a fan of it. However someone told me the other day that Blue&White have stepped up and now make a better AB... so fk knows really lol
  5. Free Penrite Brake Fluid!

    awesome thanks!!
  6. quater mile s15 ?

    it depends if you live your life a quarter mile at a time
  7. Seniors should display senior driving plates?

    If they're serious then make all over 70s sit a practical test every 2 years to keep their license... If they pass they get their license for 2 years till the next test.. If they fail or don't want to do the test then no license... It's pretty simple really There plenty of public transport to get them around, yes public transport is shithouse but you can still get around with it
  8. Really???? Fek Not sure... didnt see it go in. If it was a pink one then it was an aussie made one and theyre quality is not as good as the silver ones which were made in japan and hold more power.
  9. Make : SUBARU FORESTER Transmission : Kilometres : 104 Price : $16,900 Condition : Used Up for sale is my MY07 Subaru Forester X. With Brand New Clutch! Have owned the car now for a bit over 2 years which has served me very well and has no major accident history. It gets great fuel economy, ranging from 500-600kms per tank, and have always used BP98 fuel. 90% of the kms on this car are highway/freeway kms, which is much healthier for the engine than the usual stop-start driving in the city. The car has recently recieved its 100,000km service including all driving and timing belts. Also all shock absorbers and springs have been replaced with brand new items, giving an excellent and very smooth ride. It now has a brand new clutch that has just been fitted less then 100kms ago. Also I have replaced the standard front grille with a carbon fibre STI forester grille, sourced from Japan, and have replaced the parker globes with L.E.D lights giving a brighter, whiter light. Also comes with original grille. The car also does come with a tow-bar and a cargo barrier, which were fitted from factory. Feel free to contact me and inspections are welcome. The price is advertised as $16,900 and this is negotiable, however no low-ballers/dreamers please. Contact on: 0409 898 897
  10. Is it a pink exedy clutch or a silver one?
  11. Going to the US - Mobile Phone Options?

    Hey mate im also going to the US for all of July... a family friend told me about travelsim (google it) basically you buy it here from all phones activate it and what not, add credit to it and your done... you gotta make sure your phone is unlocked tho... Also you get you number straight away so you can hand it out to your fam and stuff so they can contact you.. I bought mine yesterday just gotta find time to activate it..
  12. the Black Engine Bay Masters!

    Good God your dedicated lol nice work
  13. Max Payne 3

    Tis a good game... Nicle twists in the story line especially the last one
  14. maximum wheel width s15

    seriously: measuring tape and the 1010 offset calculator Waahhhh lol so basically anything with a nice concave/dish will require some guard/lip work i take it?