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  1. SA Buy/Swap/Sell Thread

    Helping my gf sell her car. 180sx sr20 manual asking $7500 More info: http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/adelaide-region/cars-vans-utes/1993-nissan-180sx-sr20-manual/1034392804
  2. Fibreglass body kit fitters

    Yeah I did the kit on my old car. It wasn't perfect and still had little gaps. I want this done all good first time so i don't have to worry about it again. And just don't have the time now.
  3. Fibreglass body kit fitters

    Where abouts are they? Do you have contact details
  4. Fibreglass body kit fitters

    Its a copy kit and Yeah I know it's hard knowing if it'll fit good or not. But even assuming that the kit needed heaps more work, I don't think it will be the $3k mark. And theyre not just a normal paint n panel, they obviously have experience with them.
  5. Fibreglass body kit fitters

    How much should I pay for brand new kit fitted and painted pearl white matched to car. I'm getting some high prices. How much do you guys think it's worth?
  6. Fibreglass body kit fitters

    Alright looks like they do some pretty good jobs, I'll give them a call now.
  7. Fibreglass body kit fitters

    Yeah not much like fibreglass. I went to ask all type crash, he said he didn't have time for it and said there was a place that mainly deals with fibreglass body kits. He forgot the name of the shop and told me to ask Nissan Silvia. Haha
  8. Hi, I've just got a fibreglass body kit for my car and looking for a place to get it fitted and painted. Does anyone know where i should get it done and with reasonable price. Thanks in advance
  9. SA Buy/Swap/Sell Thread

    I have r33 front hubs, uprights and lca. Will swap for s14 ones. 0430961312
  10. 1993 Nissan 180sx - $9,000

    Make : NISSAN 180SX Transmission : Manual Kilometres : 190000 Price : $9,000 Condition : Used Up for sale is a 1993 Nissan 180sx Manual sr20det blacktop. Car has been well looked after, regularly serviced and tuned at fours and mores. Mainly used as a leisure weekend car. Female owner. Selling as I want an upgrade, will consider swaps for an s15 plus cash your way. Modifications: Cusco coilovers Bosch 040 fuel pump Front and rear GKtech strut braces GKtech aero mirrors Engine torque damper Full bodykit Front mount intercooler 3 inch exhaust Hks ssq blow off valve S14 t28 turbo Type x rear lights Type x spoiler 2 way viper alarm (model 5901) with remote start and turbo timer Boost gauge Regoed till 16 february 2013 Comes with stock wheels and not the wheels as pictured. Bad points: Bodykit and spoiler needs to be painted Lights will not go down Asking $9000 ono Please contact Linda 0421 434 451
  11. The guy who owns this study's aviation with me
  12. And another +1 for boost worx. Had my car for 4yrs and I haven't been anywhere else
  13. There's some already on facebook

    Sorry to hear man, I know how it feels. These attempts / thefts are never going to stop are they. I'm not sure about ttp interchange but some other interchanges have cameras. Maybe you should ask the people there and could see who it might be
  15. Is the cop you're talking about a bald man with an acscent? If so I seen him around, he's always around the import scene and was at all jap day this year too