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  1. My 1993 Nissan Pulsar GTi-R

    The car I really want is a Lancia Delta HF Integrale, preferably the Evo 2. I can't afford one. Happily, Nissan decided they wanted to compete in Group-A rallying as well. Their engineers fettled the SR-20DET engine with a quad-throttle body, an uprated turbocharger and intercooler, piston oil jets and strengthened cranks. They took the engine and then wedged it into the nose of their grocery-getter, chopped the car in half, added extra chassis braces and gave power to all four wheels. A budget Group-A homologation special rally car for the road - yes please! Enter the Pulsar GTi-R. The RNN14 chassis weights 1220kg, has the SR-20DET (54C) engine transversely mounted for 169kW (227bhp) and 284Nm (183 lb-f). Power is delivered through Nissan's ATTESA all wheel drive system and a 5-speed transmission. Mine is a 1993 RA model in Super Black. There's a bit wrong with it right now, but I'm tracking down the original wheels, interior trim and suspension. The car currently has aftermarket Cusco suspension tower braces and Tein coilover suspension. It also has a somewhat ridiculous short shifter. It's quite literally a 30mm movement between first and second. I've tracked down an original linkage and will install that once I find some time. I've already replaced the aftermarket front mounted intercooler with the original top mounted intercooler, so the engine itself is completely standard. It used to have a hektik pod filter intake. That was torn out and replaced with the standard plenum and intake. The radiator was really tired and gummed up, so I replaced it with one from a later generation Pulsar (N16). The new radiator has identical mounting points and has a thicker core (21mm vs 16mm) than the standard one, so it ought to provide better cooling without needing any modifications to the engine bay. Modifications from standard: Cusco front strut tower brace Cusco rear strut tower brace Tein Sport Spec Driving Master Type HA coilover suspension EBC Green Stuff brake pads Optima Yellow Top Battery 21mm core radiator (N16) Momo steering wheel
  2. Prometheus

    It looks pretty much like an Aliens sequel, but why's he saying it's not?
  3. Forza Motorsport 4

    Does anyone use a Kinect with the game?
  4. No more live F1 on OneHD.

    I thought it was only for last weekend. Damn...this sucks
  5. Tapatalk Application

    Is there any chance that NS could support Tapatalk for Android? At this stage it doesn't. I was wondering if there's a cost or technical obstacle reason why.
  6. Are you looking for a gym buddy?

    How far are you from Goodlife Health Dingley?
  7. 400K for a Toyota Camry!

    Looks like a marketing gimmick; the ad, that is.
  8. NEW TOY!

    Be mirin'
  9. Tyre Review thread.

    I had Yokohama S-Drives on an SW20 MR2. 215/40R17 Utterly fantastic tyres for the street, and wouldn't fault them for everyday driving. I never went to the track on them, so I'm not sure how they would stand up to that sort of punishment.
  10. Revell 1/96 Scale Saturn V Build

    Wow. That is an epic kit. Look forward to seeing it when you're done.
  11. Should NS.com have an RSS feed?

    I didn't know the classifieds section had an RSS feed. Definitely going to use it now!
  12. Carbon Wrapping

    Has anyone hear wrapped an entire car?
  13. halo CE remake and halo 4

    Don't know how the story's going to progress. With the Flood gone and the Covenant out of it.
  14. COD MW3 or BF3

    Battlefield 3 would be my personal choice. I really dislike the trigger-twitch birdcage that the tiny maps on most shooter games. Battlefield has massive maps...and you can play a little less caffiene fuelled.
  15. Your Opinion

    That is utterly brilliant.